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He Texts Me Everyday But Doesn’t Make Plans

It’s hard to know what he wants when he texts me everyday but doesn’t make plans. He seems so interested, but I can’t help getting the feeling that he isn’t really into me. Have you ever been in a situation where someone would text you daily and never make plans? It can be frustrating if they don’t seem interested enough to take it further. Here are some signs that might indicate your guy is just playing games with you:

5 Reasons Why He Texts You Everyday But Doesn’t Make Plans

They don’t ask anything about your life or plans 

Every guy should be interested in knowing about you. They should want to talk about long-term goals, holidays, and family with you. If they’re not asking questions beyond the physical aspect of a relationship, then it may be time to move on.

They only want sex 

They Only Want Sex

If your partner doesn’t seem interested in you beyond a sexual level, and all they want is for you to be their one-night stand or booty call, then it’s probably not going anywhere. It may sound like an ego boost at first, but these guys are just looking

They start ignoring calls and texts

You know you’re not a priority when someone starts ignoring your calls and texts. The ultimate sign that he’s just playing games with you is if he disappears from social media too or stops talking to all of his friends to be “single.”

If it seems like they have dropped off the face of the earth other than sending you a few texts, chances are he doesn’t want to invest his time in you anymore.

If this is the case and he’s not giving up on you yet, then it’s time to confront him about what that means.

He’s Needs Attention. 

He’s bored or lonely, and he likes the ego boost that he gets when he’s messaging multiple women.

He needs attention.  He’s bored or lonely, and he likes the ego boost that he gets when he’s messaging multiple women.

It’s not a good sign if your text messages are always about how horny he is but never include plans to meet up for actual sex.

He’s Not Available.

He can’t meet you or date you in real life because he’s married. He’s Just Messing With You. This person is not really into you and is just playing games with your emotions because they find it amusing to keep stringing you along.

He Likes You, But It’s Complicated. 

This person is interested in pursuing a relationship with you. But has other personal or professional commitments that prevent him from doing so at the moment. 

He Likes You, But He’s Not Ready. 

This person is not emotionally ready for a relationship with you because he has other personal or professional commitments that keep him from fully committing to one woman right now.

It’s Hard To Read Him. This guy might be interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with you, but he might also be interested in more than just that. He is not transparent about what he wants from you or even wants to date at all, making it difficult for you to figure out where your relationship stands with him and how much time and effort you should invest into pursuing something deeper.

When Men Text But Don’t Ask You Out

You want to believe he cares for you. You’re just not sure if he’s feeling a little too hard and falling fast or whether it’s the game he likes to play with all of his girls.

The truth is they are probably playing games with you because they don’t care about you enough as a person to ask you out.

It’s hard to have the courage to ask someone on a date, but it’s much easier for them… and less scary for us.

You may feel rejected if he doesn’t text back right away or seem interested in getting too close-but. Remember that this is just how they are wire. If you are not willing to be a game, you need to figure out how to make the best of this situation.

The truth is he’s probably just like that with all girls, and it would take something much more than texting for him actually to fall in love with someone- even if he says they’re different and can’t stop talking about them.

What does it mean when a guy texts every day?

It’s great when a guy texts you every day, but does that mean anything? The answer is no. It could just be a good way to keep the conversation going, or it could be how much he likes you and wants to spend time with you. Either way, it’s nice to get text updates from him because it makes us feel special and shows his personality and how he feels about texting in general.

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Is it a good sign if a guy texts you every day?

It can be a great sign that someone is interested in you if they text you every day. It could also mean the person likes texting and doesn’t have anything to say. Either way, it’s always good to wait until you’ve been dating for a while before making assumptions about what their intentions are.

I didn’t think he liked me until he texted me every day.

If a guy texts you every day, it’s possible that he likes you! It could also be because he enjoys texting and doesn’t have anything better to do with his time. But if the person is constantly asking when they can see each other or suggesting activities the two of you can do together, he might be ready to start a relationship with you.
Does texting a guy everyday annoy him?

Do you find yourself texting a guy every day?

There are a few things that could be going on. The first thing is if the guy has just started talking to you. And he’s not interested in anything serious, then it may be annoying him.

Another reason why this might happen is because of how long your conversations are when you text each other. Some guys will get sick of reading all those messages from one person, and they’ll stop responding as much as before. Lastly, some people don’t enjoy being texted too often to start avoiding their phone even more, which will lead them to miss texts from others altogether!

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So what can we do about this?

If you’re a girl and he’s not interested in anything serious, then stop texting him completely. He’ll get the hint eventually. But if it seems like he might have feelings for you or even likes the texts from you but still isn’t making plans with you, don’t be afraid to ask! The worst that can happen is he tells you he’s not interested in anything serious.

Texting A Guy Every Day

There are a few reasons why guys don’t want to make plans with you that have nothing to do with your texting habits, though. For example, maybe he doesn’t know how much time is appropriate for him to be spending on the phone each day or what kind of activities he should
Is texting everyday normal?

This is a question many people ask themselves. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits for both parties in a relationship and if it’s worth it to text daily. 

It can be hard to know when an appropriate time is to stop texting someone back or how often you should respond. Many factors go into how much someone texts their significant other. And there isn’t one answer as to whether or not they’re doing “too much.” It really depends on the person sending the message, but generally speaking, some guidelines apply:

  • Avoid over-texting
  • Text about three times per day
  • Make sure your messages aren’t needy
  • Wait five to ten minutes before responding when someone texts you

If your partner is constantly texting or messaging, it could be a sign they’re interested in continuing the conversation. When he texts every day but doesn’t make plans, he’s likely waiting for you to initiate an invitation so that he can suggest something and then plan ahead of time with enough notice.

He texts me every day but doesn’t call

We’ve all been in a situation where a guy texts you but never calls. Sometimes it’s because they don’t want to bother you by calling, and sometimes it’s just because they’re lazy. It can be frustrating when you know that he has time for texting, but not for actually talking on the phone! Well, ladies, let me tell you about my one-night stand with a guy who texted me every day but never called me.

He Texts Me Every Day But Doesn’t Call
He Texts Me Every Day But Doesn’t Call

So you’ve been seeing this girl, and she’s been texting you every day but doesn’t call. What do you make of that?  Maybe she’s just busy at work or school, maybe she’s shy about talking on the phone, or maybe there are other reasons. Whatever the reason is, it can be frustrating not knowing what to think;

He texts me but doesn’t see me

“I’ve been dating this guy for a while now, and we’re getting pretty serious. He texts me all the time but doesn’t make an effort to see me in person. I know he’s busy with work, but I’m starting to feel like he’s not that interested.”

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What if a guy texts you everyday but doesn’t make plans?

If he’s not willing to ask me out, maybe he needs more time to get used to the idea of dating someone new.  I’m going to wait it out and see what happens before I give up on him! Harder than ever to meet someone nowadays!

I’m going to keep my phone handy, so if he ever texts me again, I can be sure it’s not just because he needs directions somewhere.  And when we do finally go on a date, who knows what will happen? It could lead to an amazing relationship or just another disappointment in a pile.

No matter what, I need to stay positive and keep my chin up.  And if he never texts me again? Well, then, at least he wasn’t a jerk about it!

I’m going to keep my phone handy, so if he ever texts me again, I can be sure it’s not just because he needs directions somewhere. And when we do finally go on a date, who knows what will happen? It could lead to an amazing relationship or just another disappointment in a pile.

But I have to stay positive and keep my chin up! No matter what, I need to continue doing those things that make me happy, so I don’t dwell on all of this too much: go out with friends whenever possible, take care of myself, and stay positive!


It sounds like he’s into you, but just not sure how to show it. If he texts with you every day and wants to hear your voice, then maybe the only thing holding him back is his insecurity about being a good boyfriend. Is there anything in particular that makes this guy feel insecure or less of a man? Maybe if you ask him what would make him more confident, you can work together on making those things happen!

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