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Ex Gf Keeps Texting Me: How to deal Best Tips

Ex Gf Keeps Texting Me and How to deal with it? Your ex-girlfriend keeps texting you. She messages you on Facebook and Instagram too. You’re not interested in getting back together with her, so why does she keep reaching out? This is a question that many guys ask themselves but never find an answer to.

The truth is there are several reasons why your ex-girlfriend may be contacting you after the breakup. One reason could be because she still has feelings for you and wants to get back together; another possible cause can be because she doesn’t want to leave any loose ends or feel like things were unfinished between the two of you;

Ex Gf Keeps Texting Me
Ex Gf Keeps Texting Me

This might also happen if someone cheated on their partner and they want to try again with them despite what happened before. Regardless of the reason, it can be frustrating to deal with this kind of situation in the aftermath.

Ex Gf Keeps Texting Me: How to deal with it?

When you are in a relationship, it is common for your partner to be the center of attention. However, when that ends and you break up with them, they may still contact and bother you often. Their texts can become too much and make it hard for you to focus on anything else or move on from the relationship. This blog post will talk about ways to deal with this issue to continue any longer than necessary. 

The following things might happen when someone’s ex keeps texting them: 

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1) They text constantly –

It is usual for an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend to want to stay in touch after the breakup, but there should be some space between messages as well 

2) The texts get more personal –

If their messages start to get more personal, it can seem like they are trying to reel you back in 

3) The texts get harassing –

If the messages become too bothersome or too many and you feel they aren’t going to stop, then it is time to take action

To deal with this issue, remember that everyone deals with breakups differently. You might not be ready to cut your ex off completely, but you can limit the contact you have with them. The following guidelines will help you deal with their texts effectively:

1) Don’t respond to everything they send

You don’t want to seem too eager or easy and give signals that it is okay for them to text you so much. 

2) Don’t respond too quickly

If you wait a while after they text, it gives some space between messages that can be easier on your mind.

3) Only respond once per day

Even if your ex keeps texting you, only give them one response per day and nothing else. 

4) Block their number

If they become too much to deal with, then you can block them and keep your new life going strong.

5) Change your phone number/email

If that doesn’t work, then it is time to get a new phone number or email address, so they will not contact you anymore. 

These tips work well when dealing with the texts of an ex who won’t stop bothering you. You don’t want to give them too much power by letting them bother you, but if the texts become too much, it is good to make some changes in your life to get yourself back on track. 

The breakup has been hard enough as it is, so try to remain calm and not let the texts bother you too much. If they get too much, then take action to prevent them from bothering you further. Be strong and move on with your life.

What does it mean when your ex keeps texting you?

It could be that they’re hoping for reconciliation or just trying to maintain the connection. If you want them to stop, there are several things you can do.

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For example: ignore their messages; tell them not to text anymore; block their number from contacting you by changing your phone settings on iPhone and Android devices.

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Is it a good sign if your ex girlfriend texts you?

You may be wondering if it is a good sign that your ex girlfriend texts you. The answer to this question depends on the circumstances of the text message. If she texts you out of nowhere, that could indicate that she wants to talk and maybe get back together with you.

if your ex-girlfriend texts you or not.” 

It doesn’t necessarily mean that she wants to get back together with you, but it could be one of the following: 

  • She misses talking to you because she enjoyed your company
  • She still cares about what happens in your life 
  • You’re her only connection to the person she once loved 
  • It might be an attempt at manipulation for attention 
  • To test how much power they have over you 
  • She is testing to see if you still care about them 
  • She likes the way that seeing your name on her cell phone makes her feel
  • It could be a sign that she wants you back in her life or at least doesn’t hate the idea of it
  • She misses the chemistry you two once had and wants to feel a little of it again.

I know this seems like a lot of pointless information, but sometimes, we need some insight into why people do what they do because after learning that, it becomes easier to figure out what you should do next. In this case, it could be that she wants to get in touch with you, or maybe she is trying to get you back, but either way, these are good signs that your ex girlfriend texts you even though there is a lot of contradiction in the post.

Why does my ex keep texting me after we broke up?

Have you ever wondered why your ex keeps texting you after the breakup? Well, they may be trying to get back together with you, or they want to stay friends. Here are five ways to know whether your ex is trying to rekindle a lost romance:  

1) They text often and seem interested in what’s going on in your life

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2) They text at inconvenient times, like late at night when everyone else has gone to bed

3) They constantly ask about getting dinner or drinks

4) They make plans for the two of you

5) The conversations always end up being one-sided because all of their responses are short and don’t contribute much. So how do we stop this behavior? If it seems like they’re trying to get back together after they broke up with you, don’t let them. If it seems like they want to remain friends, you can encourage the behavior by playing along.

How do I stop my ex girlfriend from texting me?

Is your ex girlfriend still texting you? It’s not uncommon to feel like she won’t stop, but it is possible. Here are some tips on how to get her off your back so that you can move on with a clean slate and find what will make you happy.

1) Be clear about why the relationship ended in the first place:

This includes giving yourself time to heal after a breakup before trying anything new and understanding what went wrong in the past relationship.

2) Create boundaries:

If they don’t respect these relationship boundaries, then block them from contacting or seeing you.

3) Keep relationships positive:

If this is a person in your life who won’t let go, then decide not to get involved. Don’t allow yourself to fall into an unwanted relationship with them again.

4) Delete them from social media if possible:

It won’t be easy, but it’s better than constantly seeing pictures and updates from them, which can trigger feelings of hope for a rekindled relationship.

5) Don’t let them know that you are trying to move on:

This could cause massive guilt, making them feel like they have to stay with you or get back together to “make it right.” Focus on yourself first.

6) Don’t give them a second chance:

If someone broke up with you in the first place because they didn’t want to be with you, then it’s not fair for them to have any say over your plans.

At Last

It might be difficult to ignore her texts, but you need to show some self-control. You may consider changing your phone number so she can no longer contact you or even blocking her on social media pages like Facebook or Twitter if she is posting too much about the breakup. If all else fails, you may want to talk to an attorney about getting a restraining order that will prevent her from contacting you in any way.

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