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What Should I And My Boyfriend Be For Halloween?

What Should I and My Boyfriend Be for Halloween? Halloween is coming up, which means it’s time to start thinking of costumes. With so many people in relationships these days, couples often like to go as a couple for Halloween. We found some great costumes on Amazon that are sure to be a hit at our party this weekend.

What Should I And My Boyfriend Be For Halloween?

If this is your first Halloween as a couple, you should be something that won’t make others feel weird. I recommend being one of the following: snowman, an ice cream, Chip and Joanna Gaines, or any other beloved Bachelorette couple pair.

What Should Me And My Boyfriend Be For Halloween

If you’re more seasoned in your relationship, maybe try to show off how cute you are by being a basket of kittens or one human that loves the other human more than the whole world. It’s almost time for Halloween, and we all know what that means: costume shopping, candy, and most importantly: plan the perfect date night. But before you start daydreaming about where to go. And what to eat on your romantic evening out, take a moment to ask yourself. You’ve decided to spend this year’s night of spookiness together, but you’re at a loss for ideas. Well lucky for you, here are some fun suggestions on what to be for your first Halloween together!

Bloody Couple

This one is perfect for a couple that wants to show off their love while being scary. All you’ll need are some red face paint and thin, fake blood makeup. Paint circles around each other’s eyes and write “bloody” on your cheeks in upside-down writing! Or, if you don’t feel comfortable with face paint, you can do it in red lipstick.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack and Sally make a killer couple for Halloween, but if they aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other options for this theme! If you’re going to dress as Corpse Bride and the Grim Reaper, add white face paint to your look. Or, if you want to get in the spirit of the holiday, make your costumes! You can be Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus or another couple that’s perfect for this time of year, like Dracula and his bride!


If you’re a fan of superheroes, what better way to show off your love than Thor and Loki?! Paint a hammer on one of your arms and use red eyeshadow to make his infamous “Loki” eye. Or, you can go the less traditional route and be Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask! This couple is perfect for Halloween because they’re timelessly iconic. If you’re a little nervous about going out in public with your costume, check out which Halloween events are going on around DFW this year!

What Should I And My Friend Be For Halloween?

Halloween is just around the corner! Now it’s time to decide what you and your friends are going to be like. Perhaps one of these ideas will spark an idea for you. What about being a witch doctor? Or maybe a werewolf? You could even go as Dracula or something more creative like Marie Antoinette or King Arthur. A witch doctor is someone who uses black magic. If you are going to be a witch doctor, you can either buy or make your mask and costume for the part.

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Get some brown pants, a dark-colored shirt (preferably black), and paint on symbols like stars and moons with white paint if you’re making it yourself. You can buy a plain white one for the mask and paint on symbols like stars and moons with black paint or make your own by cutting out some paper in the shape of stars and moons. If you want to be more creative, maybe glue some tinsel around it, as shown below.

If you find it too difficult to make the mask and clothing yourself, you can always buy them ready-made. A werewolf is a person who changes into a wolf when there’s a full moon. There are also both male and female werewolves, so you can be whichever one you want! If you decide to be a werewolf, don’t forget to add some fake fur, claws, and teeth to your outfit. It’s also a good idea to paint your face white!

If you want to make the costume yourself, you can get a pair of grey pants and a matching shirt or dress and add some dark brown or black fabric to the collar. Then add a tail and ears on the top of your head. For the fake fur, all you need to do is cut some fabric into strips and glue it strategically around your clothes so that it looks like fur. You can also wear a big silver necklace or something similar for added effect.

What Are Some Good Things To Be For Halloween?

Sticking with the witch doctor theme, you could be Marie Antoinette or King Arthur! To look like Marie Antoinette, get a white dress and cut wavy shapes in your hair. Then add some flowers to your dress, so it looks prettier. All you have to do is get a long-sleeved shirt and jeans to look like King Arthur. Then, get some fabric in green or blue (depending on what color your hair is) to make the ‘cape’ look like his.

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If you want to be even more creative, paint a picture of Excalibur (the King’s sword) on the fabric before gluing it down! It sounds like you have some very strong opinions about what costumes your boyfriend and I should wear for Halloween. We want to hear more of your thoughts, so feel free to leave a comment below with any advice or opinion on the matter!

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