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Bipolar spouse verbal abuse

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How can you tell if you’re committing the act of bipolar spouse verbal abuse? Well, this question has been bothering many of us, and we wanted to get an answer to it. You see, we have two types of persons in this world-people with mental illness (Bipolar and otherwise) and people with normal mental capabilities. And we are all equally vulnerable to the abuse of those who have mental illnesses, as we are to that of the other kind of people. I will try to explain the difference between the two in this article.

Bipolar spouse verbal abuse
Bipolar spouse verbal abuse

Before I do, I want to tell you about my Bipolar Spouse Verbal Abuse and me. We got married in our late twenties and had been married for fifteen years when I started seeing a lady friend who was bipolar. She treated me well, and I felt that things were fine until one day she started acting strange. I asked her for the meaning of her words, and she told me that she was angry and verbally abused me all the time for no apparent reason.

Behavioral of the bipolar spouses

The moment I confronted her, she denied everything and just blamed me for her faults. It got to the point where I had to ask her for evidence that she was telling the truth because I could not believe anything she was saying. To my complete and utter astonishment, she adamite that she has been guilty of hurting me physically and mentally with her words.

I never believed she would actually do it-she is a very religious person. And always prayed for me and love me to her core (which I know now is a lie). When I confronted her, she denied all responsibility and just said that she love me and want to be with me. But I had to hurt her to love her, which is exactly what I did.

Can being bipolar cause you to cheat?

Many people think that those who have bipolar disease and experience mania will go through a troubled relationship. This might be true in some cases but not in all cases. Some people have been known to go through a steady love-hate relationship with bipolar disorder. Others even cheated on their partners because of their bipolar disorder and the symptoms.

People with bipolar disorder develop the habit of cheating

There are several reasons why people who have bipolar disease might develop a habit of cheating. One is, it might be because their bipolar disease is not under control and might be very unpredictable. It is very easy for a person who has bipolar disorder to slip up and show their moods out of control, which might lead them to commit acts that they might later regret.

So, it is natural for some people who are having this disease to exhibit mood swings and mood swerves. They might not be having an outburst or act of anger like what others who have bipolar disorder display, but sometimes, these swings are too much for them to bear.

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Another reason people might cheat is that they are tired of the alternating moods in their relationship. They are bipolar means that one can easily switch from one state to another. So, it might come as a shock to them when their bipolar disease suddenly starts with a full-blown manic episode. And then, they might find themselves in a sad or depressed mood. They might feel useless, desperate, and even think of giving up.

Bipolar problems

Being bipolar doesn’t mean you can’t love someone. Some patients with bipolar disorder, however, have difficulty controlling their mood and emotions.

  • May be temp to end the relationship.
  • They can cheat.
  • The mood is irritable.
  • This makes you less attractive to others.
  • The attitude of suspicion towards each other increases.

If you think you have been suffering from bipolar disorder for some time, it is probably time to seek professional help. You can learn the time to take therapy and how to control your mood to address the root cause of your bipolar disorder. You must keep in mind that you are not alone in feeling the effects of bipolar disease.

Yes, there are many people who have it and have the ability to control their moods, but then, there are also a lot of people who have it. And yet, they do not understand it or do not notice anything out of the ordinary. Being bipolar does not mean that you should blamed for being unfaithful or that you are a morally bankrupt person. There are other things that might have happened as well.

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Why do bipolar push partner away?

When you have a loved one with bipolar disorder or you are suffering from it, there will be times when you will want to know, “Why do bipolar patients push their spouse away?” Indeed, one of the most difficult challenges that people who suffer from bipolar disorder face has to let go of the things that once seemed so dear and precious to them. This does not mean that they intend to leave the person they love, or they wish to harm them, but it is something that has to happen.

This can often cause bipolar patients to withdraw even further, which can make it very difficult for them to realize what life was like before the depression and mania hit. It can be equally hard, if not more difficult, for their spouses to realize that their loved one’s actions have deeply hurt them. It is natural for the spouses to try to comfort the patient, to try and ease the feelings that they have. However, this can be counterproductive because it can cause bipolar patients to retreat even further, making the situation worse.

The truth is that bipolar patients will need to be able to accept their disease in order for them to be able to deal with it in a healthy way. Suppose they cannot accept that they have a mental illness that affects their every thought and decision. In that case, their partners will have trouble understanding what their spouses are thinking or doing when their bipolar patients push away their partner.

Can a bipolar person truly love?

Can a bipolar person truly love
Can a bipolar person truly love

How can a bipolar person love another? This is a difficult question to answer because the answer is not simple. If you asked a psychiatrist or psychologist, they would most likely laugh at you and tell you that any relationship can take shape due to the two people’s different emotional variables. If you are lucky enough to have a loved one who is bipolar and you give them all the attention and love they crave, it can be very easy to fall into a deep depression because you never have a solid support system.

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On the other hand, a bipolar person can love one person in a light mood and in a dark mood. This is because his moods alternate, which can make you, think there is a chance he will snap out of it any minute.

How can a bipolar person love another if he doesn’t understand him?

The answer is he can only love the person if he understands what bipolar is and that there is a difference between being manic and depressive. If a bipolar truly loves someone, he will try to understand what makes them happy and what brings them down.

They will also try to understand the triggers that cause their moods to change and how they feel. This way, a bipolar can better love another person because he understands their pain and the suffering they experience every day.

What Does It Mean for Our Marriage if My Spouse Has Bipolar Disorder?

What does it mean for our marriage if my spouse has bipolar disorder? If you are asking this question, I am glad you are because it is a very difficult question to answer. I am sorry, but no one else can tell you what your spouse may be feeling or what is going on in his or her mind. So unless you get a clear answer from them, there is no way you will be able to deduce whether or not your spouse is having some kind of trouble in his or her brain.

Bipolar disorder is usually diagnosed when a person is at least eighteen years old and has normally been functioning for six months. If the symptoms are displayed continuously over a period of more than two years. It is most likely that the individual has bipolar disorder.

What does it mean for our marriage if my spouse has bipolar disorder?

Bipolar Spouse Verbal Abuse, It means that you have to change your ways and behavior to cope with your spouse’s mood swings. You also have to show your children how to deal with your home changes and how they should react when they observe their parents being too aggressive or moody. Children are usually innocent of what is happening in their parents’ heads, and they might not understand the implications of the behavior change.

Sometimes the bipolar disorder may experience some form of abuse. This could be because the person has been neglected and is undergoing a lot of emotional and physical problems. Other times, it can be because the person has been confront with a situation that he or she may not have been ready for.

For instance, someone may have died in the family. Or there could be some domestic dispute that is causing the bipolar disorder to deteriorate. In these cases, you have to show your loved one that you are willing to do whatever it takes to help him or her to deal with the crisis.

Sometimes the bipolar disorder may experience depression. If you are married, you have to be careful not to isolate your spouse from other people because being alone is one of the most common ways for bipolar disorder to progress. If you notice that your partner is not taking part in your daily activities, you need to take steps to try and make him or her to participate more meaningfully in your family and in your life as a whole.

What does it mean for our marriage if my spouse has bipolar disorder when I am around?

First of all,

You have to make sure that no one is harming your loved one.


In addition, you have to make sure that they understand how to manage their bipolar disorder. This may require professional counseling.

The latest

Your partner needs to know that you support him or her and that you are there for them should anything go wrong.

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What does it mean for our marriage if my spouse has bipolar disorder when it affects me too?

The first thing that you need to do is talk to your doctor about getting him or her on antidepressants. There are some medications available that can greatly improve the mood swings associated with bipolar disorder. Talking to your doctor and recognizing the value that medication can bring will allow you to feel better and live healthier.

Bipolar spouse support

If you are suffering from a bipolar type of depression, then one of the best ways to cope with the depression and remain happy is to get some Bipolar Spouse Support. At some point in our lives, many of us will have an episode of being extremely angry and then become very sad. This can lead to a severe decline in our self-esteem and can cause many difficulties in our personal relationships.

Bipolar spouse support
Bipolar spouse support

Bipolar spouse support is important in helping us to deal with these bouts of depression. Although it is not a form of medical treatment for this mental illness, it can help improve our moods and lessen the episodes’ severity.

In our husband’s case, he was fairly unproductive most of the time and suffered from extreme episodes of mania. We were constantly trying to give him the support he needed, but he would not take responsibility for his illness. After nearly a year of this alternating behavior, we decided to go to a doctor.

The doctor diagnose him as having Bipolar me and recommend that we try and treat him with medication. Although he was prescribed anti-depressant medication, he was not happy with the lack of options and did not like the idea of having to medicate himself constantly.

Build Support

It was important to us to give our husband the opportunity to get his act together. We decided that we would like to treat him with some form of medication combined with some of the counseling that he needed.

We also realized that we needed some support from him, so we set up weekly meetings with him to discuss the impact the illness had on him and on us. Much of his anger stemmed from feelings of shame and failure, feelings that unfortunately are common for those who have a mental illness such as Bipolar.

He told us that he felt like he had been set up like a dog in a cage. And that he felt like no one understood him, and that it was almost like he had been another victim of a Hollywood movie. Unfortunately, our husband’s treatment was very limited and consisted mostly of us talking to him about how mad he was and how upset he was.

We also noticed that he got angry really fast and could not take a break, even take a phone call or answer his cell phone. After several months of this, we were becoming more frustrated and less prepared to face the future when our husband was angry all the time.

Learning to deal with problems

We soon learned that in order to help our husbands deal with their bipolar illness, we needed to become much more supportive. Instead of becoming angry at our husband’s behavior, we helped him to change his behavior. Our first step was to allow him to know that there was a problem and then begin to work with him on learning how to deal with his anger issues.

Although this was difficult for us, in the long run, it helped our children in a great way because our husband took the initiative to seek help. We would have never seen our children suffer as we did without the help of a therapist who taught our husband how to cope with his mental illness.

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