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Why Men Commit Suicide After Breakup? || 5 Most Possible Reasons ||

Man Commits Suicide After Breakup. Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one’s death. It has been a major issue in America, with an average of 120 people committing suicide every day and 1 person attempting suicide every hour.

The most common cause for suicidal thoughts or actions is depression, substance abuse problems, mental illness, physical illness, relationship issues such as divorce or separation from a partner.

Man Commits Suicide After Breakup
Man Commits Suicide After Breakup

There are ways to prevent someone from committing suicide, and it starts by learning what causes it so you can be aware of warning signs that may lead to suicidal thoughts or behaviours.

This post will go over 5 reasons why someone might commit suicide after a breakup with their significant other.

5 Reasons man commits suicide after breakup

Suicide is a very serious topic that affects many people. It’s important to know the signs and how to help someone who might be suicidal. For example, did you know that after breakups, suicide rates are higher than normal?

Here are 5 reasons why this may happen:  

1) Feelings of Rejection

2) Loss of support

3) Feeling hopeless

4) Feeling trapped in an unbearable situation

5) Issues with substance abuse- sometimes it can feel like there is no way out for some people.

Now let’s take a look at each one more in-depth:

1). Rejection from significant other or friend can make us feel as if we have lost everything and everyone we love. Feeling rejected makes us feel alone, which often leads to thoughts of suicide.

2). When someone we are close to leaves us, it’s hard not to feel like you don’t have the support system anymore. It can be isolating and make one feel depressed if they can’t find replacement friends or family members.

commits suicide after breakup

3). After a breakup, there is often a period where we question our worth and wonder why this happened. Feeling hopeless is a very common feeling among people who have lost someone they love. It can be hard to find the light at the end of the tunnel when one feels so stuck in their sadness.

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4). Some people feel trapped after a breakup because they feel like there is no other choice but to stay with their significant other. Some people feel like they don’t have enough support and can’t stand the thought of being alone.

5). When individuals are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they tend to make irrational decisions. If an individual has decided to commit suicide after a breakup, substance abuse may be the cause.

Hopefully, this information helps you understand the many reasons why a person might be suicidal after a breakup. If someone close to you is considering suicide or has attempted it in the past, please try to get them help by telling an adult.

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Why man commits suicide after a breakup?

In the United States, one in six men will commit suicide. This is a huge number, and it becomes even more shocking when you realize that this statistic does not include those who died from substance abuse or other self-destructive behaviours.

The most common reason for suicide among men is relationship breakups and financial difficulties, which makes sense because these are two of the most stressful events in life.

Men commit suicide after a breakup because they feel like they have lost everything. They lose the person who was their best friend, lover, and partner in crime all at once. Men often don’t know how to cope with this loss and think it is better to end their lives than live without her.

Breakups are hard on everyone. It’s not just the person who was left that needs to move on, but also the partner who did the leaving. When you break up with someone, it can be really difficult to watch them go through a grieving process and recover from their loss.

How to help prevent suicide?

Suicide rates are higher than ever before, and mental health issues such as depression and anxiety are at an all-time high. This blog post will provide you with 5 things you can do to help prevent suicide from happening in your life or someone else’s.

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1) Recognize the warning signs:

Many people don’t realize how serious suicidal thoughts can be until they’re too late because it often starts as just daydreaming about being dead or wishing they were gone, which most of us have done at one time or another.

Chances are you wouldn’t think a lot about it from someone who told you that they wished they didn’t exist, but this is the first step towards suicidal thoughts. Once that thought has been planted in their head, it just gets worse over time and can eventually lead to an actual plan to kill themselves.

 Remember, not everyone who talks about suicide wants to die; most of them want the pain of life to go away and don’t know how else to get it out of their system other than talking about it.

2) Ask questions:

If someone shares something with you, such as these suicidal thoughts, make sure you ask them questions like-

  • When will you do this?
  • Where will this happen?
  • What will you use?
  • How long have you been thinking about this? Since when?

3) Don’t be afraid:

So many of us are afraid to talk about suicide because we don’t want the other person to think we’re crazy and end up doing it ourselves. But please remember, those who are suicidal need someone to talk to. They need someone they can trust with these kinds of things in their life, so make sure you look at it from that perspective and not as a threat coming from yourself.

Talking is good for them because it releases some pent-up thoughts inside their head, and even if nothing comes out of it, it gives them time to reflect on what’s really going on inside themselves and maybe even find a solution to their problem.

4) Do your research:

If you are concerned about someone telling you they’re suicidal, do some research on it. There are many reasons why people want to end their life, and a lot of them have nothing to do with depression or suicide, such as the loss of a loved one.

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So, look up statistics on how many suicides occur every year by age group and gender because that will give you an idea if this is normal or not.

For example, if most suicides happen between 18-24, this person isn’t thinking about going down the same road but may just be feeling depressed right now due to something else that has happened in their life.

5) Distractions:

Sometimes people need a distraction from their problems, so give them that. Do something they will enjoy, take them out to the movies or get lost in conversation and laugh about things that happened when you were younger.

If you feel like talking about it with them while doing this, make sure their mind is set at ease by telling them, “This has nothing to do with what we’re talking about right now.” Those are some of the more useful tips I could think of for helping prevent someone’s suicide.

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The Last Word

It’s never easy to lose a loved one, but it can be especially difficult when someone leaves on their terms. The death of an individual by suicide is always devastating for friends and family members left behind because there are no answers about what led the person to make such a drastic decision.

One man recently took his life after breaking up with his girlfriend; this article looks at how we might approach these sorts of situations to help others avoid making similar decisions. If you have any questions about this, please comment below!

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