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Jezebel Spirit in A Marriage

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Approach with caution Jezebel Spirit in A Marriage. One of the evilest spirits that afflict men and women is the Jezebel spirit. It’s guided by a powerful demon called Jezebel and is described as a woman in the Bible as:

The spirit of Jezebel in marriage

We will take a gander at 3 models in the Bible of a Jezebel Spirit.

Why It’s Essential For Men To Understand

The spirit of Jezebel in marriage is truly a cancerous thing. If you are not cognizant of it, you will be dragged into court by a strident Jezebel in one form or another. Here’s how to avoid this fate:

The Spirit Of Jezebel In Marriage
The Spirit Of Jezebel In Marriage

The spirit of Jezebel is a strong-willed woman who stands up for herself but cannot tolerate being gently corrected herself. In fact, her entire personality revolves around the idea that she is never wrong. She has an uncanny ability to twist your words and make you look like a villain when you try to correct her on anything.

The spirit of Jezebel doesn’t have the word “sorry” in her vocabulary because she almost never apologizes for being wrong, even if she knows it (and gets caught doing so). She requires you to kiss her feet. If you have anything but a worshipful attitude toward your Jezebel, she will attack you for being disrespectful and out of line.

It is important to understand that the Jezebel spirit can manifest itself in men as well. I have seen this with my own eyes, and upon investigation, it was confirmed by other sources. And yes, there are male champions of women’s rights that are under a strong demonic influence of the Jezebel spirit – which is why they champion these evil things that hurt women (and men).

What a man or woman looking for marriage should look out for:

A woman who has slanted thinking on issues such as women’s rights, a husband being abused (emotionally or physically), homosexuality, and so forth. The woman might appear “normal” on the outside, but sometimes without even knowing it, you may be getting into a relationship with an actual “Jezebel spirit.”

How to know you are dealing with a real Jezebel:

The key lies within the heart of the person. A person with any form of hatred or evil thoughts towards others (even their own husband/wife) is not normal. It’s not natural thinking, and it shows in everything they do or say.

Some things will be examples of how they treat others, but there are many other ways people reveal the presence of this Jezebel spirit; such as body language, especially gestures like throwing up the “V” sign, which always means victory no matter what, being very competitive about everything, getting into a mood when striving to be number 1 in everything, never admitting their own faults or mistakes no matter what, always having to be right and so forth.

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These are just some examples. The list goes on, and it is very, very long. But you will know when you see it because it does not belong among normal thinking people who have good hearts and love others (their husband/wife included).

There are many passages of the Bible about this spirit:

All through the Old Testament, we find more cases of a woman called Jezebel who was behind those atrocities committed by Israel during that period. We also find out about how the LORD reprimanded them for their actions and punished them. Mostly with death!

Since Jezebel is a woman, we must not think that this demon can possess only a woman. It could manifest itself in people of both genders, but the primary target is women.

Since ancient times, the Jezebel spirit has been around, and it still exists in our modern world today. I’ve seen so far that most women are affected by this spirit. But I have also found some cases where men are under its influence. However, if you put yourself out there as a champion for feminism, gays, and lesbians – then yes, you will more likely come across such spirits (I call them “demons,” others may say they are just evil thoughts). Just don’t get caught up in their net because the real enemy here is thinking differently from the Church, not yourself being right or wrong.

The qualities of the spirit of Jezebel:

The spirit of Jezebel is a powerful demon who can manifest itself in both men and women. The blog post will look at 3 models from the Bible that this spirit has influenced what to look out for and how to identify if someone has this spirit. And some qualities of the Jezebel Spirit are all included in this blog post.

Here are 5 qualities of the spirit of Jezebel from the Bible:

1. The Jezebel spirit manifests itself in people who have no restraint of action or expression. (Pride)

2. They always seek ways to accuse and hurt others while hiding their evil actions behind a veil of lies. (Lying)

3. When they are defeated in any way, they will never admit it. Instead, they come up with excuses on why they should not be punished for breaking God’s laws/commandments. (Self-justification)

4. They do unspeakable things in an attempt to destroy innocent lives just so that they can get what they want at all costs, even if it means killing someone else out of greed or jealousy – even when nobody is challenging them in any way. (Evil)

5. They enjoy every minute of the destruction that they have caused and will continue to cause even when they know it’s wrong just because they can get away with it.

How can you identify if someone has the Jezebel spirit? (Characteristics from the Bible): 

#1 Pride:

A person who is possessed by this demon will be very prideful in everything they do and speak. Many passages throughout the Bible describe how Jezebel influenced Ahab, King of Israel – his wife and many other kings in ancient times were also under her control or influence through her political advisors so that she could “get what she wanted” at the time.

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A person who is possessed by this demon will be very prideful in everything they do and speak.

This spirit of Jezebel also tends to backstab from behind while smiling in front (just like Eve). They will make sure that you are not looking to act out their evil plans without being caught at any time.

It’s okay if someone else comes along and disagrees with what you think or believe. But when it comes to matters about yourself, the word “No” does not exist for such people if you challenge them on anything personal that could hurt their ego (intelligence, good looks, material assets/wealth, money power, etc.)– then watch out! You have just made a mortal enemy for life. They will lie, cheat, steal, and even kill to make sure that you never challenge them again so that their egos can remain safe.

#2 Lying:

The spirit of Jezebel has no problem with lying because it believes what it says is true whether or not it is the truth.

#3 Self-justification:

A person possessed by this demon will always justify their actions at any cost – even if they have to lie about something they are doing wrong to get away with something else that’s considered “a much bigger evil” by society’s standards. This also goes hand-in-hand with the lying point.

#4 Evil:

You are not dealing with a human when you’re dealing with someone who is possessed by the spirit of Jezebel (which most likely has been passed down through their bloodline). If they cannot get their way (meaning they do not possess what or whoever they want) – then all hell will break loose and you will see just how evil this demon can be.

#5 Prideful:

People under the influence of the spirit of Jezebel have no problem taking credit for others’ work. They expect to be praised for every little thing they accomplish, but when it comes to giving kudos to others, you won’t hear them say “Good job!” even if it was someone else’s idea or accomplishment.

How we can realize that we are affected by the spirit of Jezebel:

1. We can become very competitive over everything even if it is just a small matter like who has the biggest car, the richest person in town, who has achieved the highest position in life so far, and so forth.

2. In our hearts/minds, all we care about is winning no matter what – even if it means bullying someone else or putting other people down to feel good about ourselves.

3. If things don’t work out exactly how we want it, then we will get angry no matter how serious a matter this might be because there’s a part of us that wants total control over our lives and anyone who gets in our way must be taken down.

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4. We have deep regrets if we make mistakes, then try to cover it up with even more lies and deception that will eventually lead us to the image of someone who is completely out of control: a person capable of doing all kinds of evil things. (We cannot admit when we are wrong because it would mean admitting that someone else is right about something, and this is not going to happen.)

5. If we cannot get what we want through normal means, we will resort to using witchcraft or sorcery just because we know that what we are doing is very forbidden in God’s standards, but this does not bother us. It gives us more motivation to see what else we can do that’s worse than our last disobedience!

What happens when you marry a Jezebel?

1. You will find yourself tied up in a marriage that has no peace at all, even if you and your spouse have the same values before you got married due to their constant taunting of your family, friends, and career.

2. Anytime something good happens for you, there will always be another person coming along trying their best to take it away from you just because they are envious of what you’ve experienced so far in life – as compared to their own very dismal failures!

3. Your cleanliness habits will not be accepted when she’s around. She will always come up with reasons why everything she touches is dirty and needs to be cleaned more thoroughly. (You will begin to feel like you cannot live up to her high standards or compete with others in her life.)

4. You find yourself looking for a new job that will help you get away from this nightmare, only to find out that your spouse is doing everything she can to keep you locked up at home no matter how much she knows that you and your family need to be on your own for you to achieve your goals.

5. Her biggest goal in life is to find ways of destroying your career while keeping her hands clean from the get-go! (“I did nothing wrong!”)

6. You will live in a home where constant backstabbing and undermining are going on! (Her way or no way!)

The Last Word

The Jezebel Spirit is described in the Bible as someone who “uses seductive speech and a smooth tongue to lead people away from what is good.” The spirit of Jezebel can be seen today through behaviors like manipulation, witchcraft, and sorcery. When married to someone with this spirit, you will find yourself living in an environment that lacks peace and constantly being undermined by your spouse. You may also find yourself looking for new employment opportunities or trying to start fresh on your own only to have her do everything she can to keep you tied up at home under her control.

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