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Breaking Up Because of Timing: How to Move on?

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We realized, breaking up because of timing. I wish it had been anything but that. Unfortunately, this was the only reason we could come up with that made sense to us both. If you look at our history together as one long relationship instead of two separate ones, there were no problems. 

A couple broke up because of timing. One decided to postpone marriage with the other until he could finish what he needed to do first; it was never discussed again except when they argued. When both were at a later stage in their lives, the time wasn’t right anymore. They had changed priorities and lost track of each other’s growth through the years. They had alienated themselves, but they realized that their love was no less than the day when they first met.

Breaking up because of timing

Timing can only be understood retrospectively after what has happened. You will never know with certainty that it’s timing when you’re in the midst of an argument or just before a breakup. There are some signals and signs, but you may not interpret them for several days, if not weeks.

Breaking Up Because Of Timing
Breaking Up Because Of Timing

Timing is a delicate issue. It’s hard to break up with someone, and it’s harder when you think that the reasons are lame, stupid, or unfair. Our society values careers and accomplishments so much that we expect everything from our significant others – stability, income, education-related achievement, growth potential, etc.

In an equal partnership, these are not mutually exclusive. If you measure your partner by different standards from yourself, you will find it hard to be in a similar relationship. Changing the status quo and giving up privileges is a lot harder than simply asking for them outright or expecting that they’ll be there if needed.

We all know that breaking up is never easy. Timing, though, might be the toughest thing to overcome when it comes to moving on from a breakup. It’s hard enough to get over your ex without the added stress of having different schedules and conflicting priorities. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how timing can affect your breakup and what you can do about it to move on from a relationship that just wasn’t meant to last.

How Does Timing Matter?

In a word: communication. When two people are in the same place simultaneously, they can share experiences and feelings that make it easier to get over each other later on. So breaking up with someone who lives across the country or has conflicting schedules (like always being busy during your free time) can put a serious damper on your chances of communicating well. Breaking up with someone you communicate with regularly is easier when you know you’ll see them again later on – but that can be hard to determine if they live across the country or in another city.

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You Have to Let It Go When You Know There’s No Future Because timing is so important, it may be hard to end things with someone you see if you know there’s no future for the two of you. If they live across the country or are already in a relationship, timing is everything – but that doesn’t mean it has to stop you from moving on.

Take your time and use it as an opportunity to get out there and discover who you are, instead of worrying about the future with someone who isn’t part of your plans. Even if you don’t meet anyone else in the meantime, knowing that you’re taking time to focus on yourself will make it easier to move forward when a great relationship does come along.

Is timing really everything in relationships?

Yes, according to a new study.

Researchers in the United Kingdom recently found that the timing of your relationship’s first kiss has a huge impact on whether or not you’ll stay together over time — even more so than how long you date before locking lips in the first place. The findings are published in the journal Psychological Science.

According to research, timing is everything in relationships. Researchers found that the odds of meeting someone again was four times more likely if you had met them on a weekday versus a Saturday night. The findings revealed that those who meet each other on the weekend are less likely to take advantage of future opportunities to meet. The study finds that when couples meet during the week, they are more likely to get a second date because they have more chances to see each other.

Is Timing Really Everything In Relationships
Is Timing Really Everything In Relationships

Researchers did not analyze why couples who met on weekends weren’t as likely to meet again, but it may be due to lack of time. Most people are busy during the week so going out is less likely to happen. Many people are not as busy on the weekend, so people will likely be going out more, increasing your opportunity to run into that special someone.

The research also revealed that couples who met through family and friends were less likely to stay together than those who had met at work or a bar, showing that factors such as location, timing, and even chance may play just as important a role comes to relationships.

So the next time you are on a romantic date with that special someone, try meeting them during the week at work or while out with friends. Location isn’t everything, but timing is in relationships!

Is timing a reason to break up?

There are a lot of things that can make someone want to break up with a partner. But is the timing ever the reason? It’s natural for relationships to have ups and downs, but it shouldn’t be so bad that you feel like ending the relationship.

“We all have a friend who has been dating someone for what seems like forever. They’re not married, they don’t live together, and you can’t even remember the last time you saw them go out on a date.” 

“Maybe it’s time to face reality: your friend might be with this person because of timing.” 

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“Relationships are hard enough without having to deal with other factors that make it difficult. If your partner isn’t willing to work through these difficulties, then they could very well be using timing as an excuse.”

Is bad timing a relationship excuse?

Bad timing can be an excuse for both you and your partner. “When a relationship seems to drag on without any progress, it can feel like it’s not meant to last,” said Shira Tarrant, a family therapist at  The Marriage Restoration Project in Ladera Ranch, California.

“If one person wants the relationship to end, but they have a hard time ending it because of timing, they may start pointing out how long the relationship has been going,” Tarrant said. “That way, they don’t have to admit that the relationship doesn’t work anymore.”

If you are in a relationship and it’s been over 6 months since you and your partner last went on an actual date, maybe the timing is the excuse.

“Don’t let time be an obstacle if something is going on in your relationship that needs work.” 

“Maybe things have gotten so bad between the two of you that you don’t even feel like going out anymore. Or maybe you don’t have time to plan a date and still end up with time to sit on the couch and watch TV.”

Can timing be wrong for a relationship?

When timing is wrong, it’s a sign that you’re settling. “When the timing is wrong in a relationship, it usually means we’re trying to find someone to fill an empty spot,” Tarrant said.”You might not feel like you have enough friends or family around you to keep yourself busy, so it may seem easier and more comfortable to have someone you can rely on in your life.”

Tarrant said that if your relationship has been going on for a while, you shouldn’t ignore the fact that it’s not progressing. “It isn’t normal to stay with someone when all you do is stay at home or make plans where both of you are together at home.”

“Consider why you haven’t made any substantial plans to spend time together. It could be that the two of you are being lazy, or it could mean there’s something more going on.”

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Is timing wrong a relationship problem?

If your partner only sees you because they’re bored and don’t have other things to do, then “the timing is wrong,” Tarrant said. If you’re in a relationship and your life has fallen into a rut, then it’s time to try something new.

“We all need support in our lives, but that doesn’t mean we have to fill that void with relationships so that we don’t feel alone.” 

Is Timing Wrong A Relationship Problem
Is Timing Wrong A Relationship Problem

“If you find that the only time your partner wants to spend with you is when they’re bored or lonely, then it’s time to have a heart-to-heart and figure out how you can change the situation.”

“It may be too late if they don’t want to work on things,” Tarrant said. “But, if they’re willing to come up with some ideas on how you could change the negative feelings, then it’s probably best to stay together for now and make changes as soon as possible.”

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Is timing in a relationship ever, OK?

If the timing is right, then there will be no excuses. “Timing is never off unless you’re not doing anything with the time you have. If both of you are always busy, then the timing is OK,” Tarrant said.”The only time that’s bad is when one person isn’t spending enough time with the other,” she said.

“If your partner doesn’t want to spend enough time together, then they may be using excuses like timing as a way to avoid looking at the real issue.”

If your partner is constantly saying that you don’t see each other enough, then ask yourself whether it’s true. “The time spent together should be because you’ve planned it, not because of anything else (like avoiding spending time alone),” Tarrant said.

“If you’re seeing each other regularly and trying to make time for one another, then the two of you don’t have anything to worry about.”

Will he come back when the timing is right?

Many of us obsess over our exes to relieve the pain that we felt during the relationship. You might still love him and hold onto the fantasy of the relationship you had, but you need to decide if those feelings are temporary or real. No matter what happens, try not to forget about yourself. If you’re always thinking about an ex, it’s hard to stay in touch with who you are and what you want. But if you are willing to take a risk, then there is nothing worse than seizing an opportunity that could make your life better without hesitation!

A great way to tell if he’s coming back is by feeling yourself out. When you feel ready to move on with your life, do so, and see how it feels. You might also consider removing all pictures of him from your house and other places he would normally visit. By cutting off contact with him, you’ll be able to see if you miss him or not. There is no way to tell for sure if he’s coming back or not; only time will tell. If you have a gut feeling that he will come back, you should be patient and give it some time. If it’s meant to happen, he’ll be there when the timing is right.


Do people who have done the wrong timing get a second chance?

Yes, they do. “It is not too late to fix your mistake.” You need to take responsibility for your mistakes and work hard to fix them. Your mistakes don’t define you.

Are you surprised that the timing can be changed?

Yes. I thought it was too late to change my mistakes. But there is always a chance for you to fix your mistakes. You need to work hard and take responsibility when things go wrong. Don’t blame others and don’t give up. Try harder next time! Be happy and find happiness in the process of doing.
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