The main causes of breakups that we will explore in this article include conflicting values, different interests, death or cheating.

People often try to find one singular reason they can blame for the breakup when it comes to breakups. This is important because it helps us avoid making similar mistakes in the future, but it’s usually not useful when we’re trying to get over the breakup itself.

If you’ve ever been through a breakup before then, you know how terrible it can be. It’s like going through a grieving process, and so when we’re going through something difficult, we often try to make our problems as simple as possible to deal with them.

This is why people always want to know what caused the breakup, hoping they can avoid the same mistakes in their relationships.

It’s also worth mentioning that breakups often need to happen for both people in the relationship. In most cases, one person might be ready to move on while the other person is not. This can create many conflicts, and if you don’t want to end up considering your ex-partner’s feelings, then it’s best to avoid them altogether.

Why do breakups happen?

In most cases, breakups happen when one or both people involved are not happy in their relationship, and they have been living a lie for too long.     

Some couples realize that they are not compatible together after dating for many years. In such cases, it might be better to separate from being too late to get back together.

15 Examples Of Main Causes Of Breakups

Studies have shown that divorce rates are rising sharply and that many marriages are not working out. The causes of breakups often include conflicting values, different interests and other problems that people have to deal with daily.

That is why it is becoming very difficult to maintain the relationship at present.

People become aware of their personal needs at an earlier age, and this growing individuality challenges relationships.

The following are 15 main causes of breakups in relationships:

Bad Behavior and Abuse:

Sometimes the partners involved in a relationship may begin getting abusive or start treating each other poorly.

In such circumstances, it may be beneficial for both people to separate from each other and start living their lives independently.

Forcing your will onto another person can also cause major conflicts in relationships.

Lack Of Communication:   

Poor communication is one of the top reasons for breakups. In a healthy relationship, good communication skills are essential.

It might be difficult to maintain a relationship where both people involved are not ready to talk about their feelings and thoughts.

Being open and honest with each other can keep problems from escalating into major arguments.


Another significant cause of breakups is cheating on your partner. If you find your partner involved in an extra-marital affair, it might be time to end the relationship.

You cannot expect to build a strong and healthy romantic relationship if one person is not loyal to the other person.

Long Distance:

Relationships, which involve a long distance between the two people involved, are also difficult to maintain.

Such relationships require a lot of effort and time to make them successful, so if you do not think you can handle such a relationship, it might be better to end it before getting hurt.

Compatibility Issues:   

It isn’t easy to maintain a relationship in which both partners have different interests. Such relationships usually end up being boring and unsuccessful.

To make such a relationship successful, both people involved need to make an effort and try new things together.

Incompatible Personalities:   

Another main cause of breakups is incompatible personalities.

For a relationship to work, both partners must be open and accepting of each other’s characters.  

If you find that your partner has different expectations or opinions on how things should happen, then it might be time to move on.

Lack of shared activities:

Another cause of breakups is when two people have different interests and are unwilling to explore their partner’s interests.

It might be beneficial for both people to separate from each other if they cannot share important events in life such as birthdays and family gatherings.   

Financial Problems: 

In some cases, financial problems can lead to relationship breakups. If the partners have different financial requirements, it can reduce their chances of staying together.

For most people, money is an important factor in life that can strain their relationships if they are not compatible.  

Unrealistic Expectations:    

Another key cause of breakups is unrealistic expectations.

For a relationship to work, both people involved need to have realistic expectations and be willing to understand the problems they are facing in their lives.   

Many people try to maintain self-delusion after they are in a relationship. They often hope that their partner will change, but if they do not, they might move on from each other.   

Ego and Jealously:

Some people can be very possessive when they are in a relationship. They may try to control their partner’s activities and deny them the opportunity of enjoying someone else’s company.   

Lack of trust:

Lack of trust can cause breakups if a person cannot believe that their partner will be faithful in the future.   

If you constantly doubt your partner and have trust issues, it might be better to move on.   

Physical problems:

Physical health problems can sometimes cause breakups. When two people cannot accept each other’s physical shortcomings, they might decide to split up and start living on their own.   


Infidelity is one of the leading causes of breakups. If you catch your partner in an extra-marital affair, it might be time to end the relationship.   

An individual who is not loyal to their partner does not deserve a second chance in most cases.

Bad behaviors:

Bad behaviours can also cause breakups.   

If one person is constantly hurting the other or putting them down, it might be time to say goodbye and move on with your life.   

Lack of healthy self-esteem:

A person with low self-esteem will have a difficult time in any relationship.  In such cases, it might be better to work on your problems before getting into another relationship.      

Different relationship goals:

Some people have different goals and expectations from a relationship. If you are not compatible with your partner, it might be time to separate.  Otherwise, chances of success are very low.  

So, these are the main causes of breakups.  If you find that your relationship suffers from any of these problems, it may be time to part ways with your partner and move on.

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Conclusion Paragraph:

The main causes of breakups are incompatible personalities, lack of shared activities, financial problems, unrealistic expectations, ego and jealousy, a lack of trust or physical problems.

If you find that your relationship is suffering from any of these issues, it might be time to move on.  It’s important to know the root cause if you want to make an informed decision about your future in this relationship.


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