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Depressed Boyfriend Wants To Be Alone [Pro Tips To Deal With That]

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“My depressed boyfriend wants to be alone, how should I deal with that?” This is one of the most asked questions asked by our readers. If you have the same question, you are in the right place. Due to a large number of requests by Facebook comments, over-phone messages, and blog comments, we have decided to share some pro tips on how to deal with a depressed partner.  It’s really hard to be in a relationship with someone who is depressed. But what can you do in this situation?

It seems that every time you try to help, they push you away and tell you it’s not your problem. But if this person feels like they don’t want to talk or go out or eat dinner, it’s your problem too because it affects both of you. You may have tried to fix the issue and failed. You may not know what is wrong or how to help them, but you can’t seem to get away from your boyfriend when he’s constantly calling you for reassurance. This post will discuss dealing with a depressed partner and giving tips on getting through tough times together.

Depressed Boyfriend Wants To Be Alone
Depressed Boyfriend Wants To Be Alone

Depressed Boyfriend Wants To Be Alone.

I’m going to tell you about a boy named Devin. He’s 18 years old and in his second year of college. He’s been with his girlfriend, Emily, for two years now, and they’ve both become very close. The problem is that he doesn’t feel very strong emotions when he is around her anymore, which has recently caused some problems.

In order to get back the love they had before, Emily tries to do more things than she used to, but it seems like all of their time together just consists of him sitting on the couch while she does everything for him. Depressed Partner Wants To Be Left Alone.

One day they go out into public together because Devin wanted something different from what was happening at home, and people stared at them because they looked so sad or depressed.

Emily was frustrated, so she told him that they should break up because it wasn’t fair. He agreed, but when he went back home by himself for the first time in a while, Devin realized that he didn’t need anything from anyone anymore.

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When Someone You Love Has Depression.

Depression is a serious mental illness that can affect anyone from any walk of life. If you’re reading this, then someone you love may have depression. Depression can be very difficult to understand and incredibly hard to live with, but understanding what it is may help support the person who suffers from depression. It doesn’t discriminate against age, gender, or race.

The World Health Organization estimates major depression affects 350 million people worldwide, and if you’re reading this article, then chances are someone you love has it too. Depression is not something to take lightly. We hope by providing some basic information about the disease below that today’s post will help shed light on how to identify when someone you know may be suffering from depression to get the help they need to end their suffering.

When Someone You Love Has Depression
When Someone You Love Has Depression

Sadness can be a normal part of our lives, and, at times, sadness is necessary– such as when we experience the death of loved ones or go through other difficult life events. But if someone experiences constant feelings of depression for weeks on end with strong feelings that are self-destructive or harmful to others in some way, they may be suffering from depression.

There are many different forms of depression, and sometimes certain symptoms will show up at varying times in a person’s life, but the following four tell-tale signs can help you identify if someone is experiencing it:

  • low energy,
  • mood swings (feeling sad or irritable),
  • changes in sleep patterns, and, 
  • changes in appetite.

If you believe that someone is experiencing depression, it’s most important to remember that they need support– not judgment or criticism. You can help them by understanding and supporting and encouraging them to seek professional treatment if necessary.

Why Does My Depressed Boyfriend Want To Be Alone?

A lot of people don’t understand why their depressed loved ones want to be alone, but in reality, it’s often because they need some time for themselves. It could be that they feel like the only person who understands them is alone, or it might just help to clear their head and get in touch with themselves.

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Your loved ones need to know you are there for them as well- even if they don’t want company all the time. Make sure that when you reach out, you’re doing it with understanding and respect. Depression can be a difficult illness to deal with, but that doesn’t mean your loved one should bear the burden alone or even be able to. Encourage them ­to seek professional treatment if necessary. That will help put their mind at ease and make sure they are getting all of the care and attention they need.

Should I Leave My Depressed Boyfriend Alone?

Is your boyfriend depressed? It’s hard to deal with someone who is feeling down, but you can help them get through it. Here are some tips for dealing with a depressed partner.

Should I Leave My Depressed Boyfriend Alone?
Should I Leave My Depressed Boyfriend Alone?
  • Listen and ask questions to show that you’re interested in what they have to say.
  • Give praise where it’s due, even if it seems like the smallest thing has been accomplished – Encourage them to take care of themselves by eating healthy or taking breaks from work, and don’t criticize their choices when they do so.
  • Let them know that you’re there for support and are willing to listen if they need it.

If your partner’s depression is getting in the way of their daily life, like being unable to work or meet with friends, then ­mto seek professional treatment if necessary. That will help put their mind at ease and make sure they’re getting the help they need. If your boyfriend is suffering from depression, it’s important to know when you should stay with them and when they might need their space.

Why Does My Depressed Husband Want To Be Alone?

It’s not uncommon for a person suffering from depression to want to isolate themselves and withdraw from others. This can be especially true when they feel like they need time away from the people in their life because of how much their condition has been affecting them.

Depressed Husband Wants To Be Alone
Depressed Husband Wants To Be Alone

It may seem counter-intuitive, but there are actually some benefits that come with spending time alone, even if you don’t have an existing mental health disorder. Here are three reasons why your depressed husband might want to spend more time on his own:

  • He wants some space.
  • He needs to work on himself.
  • He just needs a break.
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Your depressed husband may need some time to himself because he wants a break from the people in his life or because they’re just not providing him with any support while he’s going through this hard time.

Or it could be that your spouse has been isolating themselves and needs some space for their own personal development. Whatever the reason is, if your husband needs some time to himself, then you should give him the space he’s asking for.

For more information on dealing with a depressed husband who wants his alone time:

  • If you want help to figure out how to handle this situation, talk about it openly and honestly with them. It will be hard at first to assist, but it will help them feel like they’re not facing this alone.
  • Let your spouse know that you love them and support their decisions at any time – even when you disagree with those decisions.   A depressed husband needs to know he can talk about his feelings without being judged or criticized by the people around him.



The best thing you can do for a depressed boyfriend is to allow them their space. Your presence will likely only irritate them more as they feel like your pitying gaze and sympathy are suffocating him.

It’s important that he feels in control of his life, so the best way to help is by respecting his wishes and allowing him time alone with himself. If this doesn’t work after an extended period, it may be worth seeking professional advice or services from organizations such as the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Let us know if this blog post was helpful; we’d love feedback!

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