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[11 Proven Methods] How To Break Up With a Girl?

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How to break up with a girl (girlfriend) after a long relationship? Yeah, it is one of the toughest questions I have been ever asked. And today I will be discussing the proven methods and processes of doing so. But before that, let me discuss some reasons/signs for breaking up.

  • When even your girlfriend is not happy with the relationship, she is also frustrated seeing no development or progress in her life. Her friends are telling her many things, which leads to the breakup.
  • When you or your girlfriend are not happy with each other, when you have new goals and dreams that you want to fulfill in life, there won’t be any place for a previous relationship in your life. The same thing will happen if your girlfriend has new goals and dreams, you will be in her way, so it is better to break up.
  • When you have been created by a girlfriend or she has been cheating on you. There is nothing good in a relationship where you can’t trust each other. So, it will be better to break up with her.
  • If your girlfriend’s family members don’t like you or are thinking of getting her married to someone else, this relationship won’t work for long. This happens mostly when a girl is very young and has parents who have just set their minds on a boy who will take their daughter’s hand in marriage. So, it will be better to break up with her.
  • If your girlfriend is willing to break up, you should not hesitate to end this relationship and if she is not willing, then don’t force her because forcing on such matters cannot work out.

These are some of the common reasons for breaking up with your girlfriend, and now I will tell you how to break up with a girlfriend after a long relationship.

How To Break Up With a Girl
How To Break Up With a Girl

11 Ways How To Break Up With a Girl

Breaking up is never easy, but it can be a good idea to know how to break up with your girlfriend. If you are not feeling the relationship anymore or if things have changed and you don’t want to continue, here are 11 ways that you might consider breaking up.

1. Tell Her Face-to-face:

This will allow her to talk about what she feels as well. It also shows respect for both your feelings and emotions in the situation. 

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2. Send A Text Message:

This way is less personal but still gives her an understanding of what’s going on without speaking out loud. 

*Don’t leave voicemail messages*

3. Use Skype:

If she’s at college or another location and you can’t meet in person, use Skype to break up with her. This will allow you an opportunity to talk face-to-face without having to be together in the same room.

Talk to Her Through Internet Call
Talk to Her Through an Internet Call

4. Use A Letter:

This is also personal because it allows for your feelings and emotions to be expressed in the letter. Make sure that it’s very well written, so she understands your position.

5. Leave A Message On Her Facebook Page:

You may not think this is an appropriate way to end things, but it’s still possible and less personal than introducing the subject face-to-face or over the phone. 

6. Get Rid Of Your Ego:

Remember that no relationship is perfect, and some things about her annoyed or irritated you way before the breakup happened. Stop thinking about how could she do this or that to you and remember that life doesn’t consist of just a girl. You may meet someone else who is better than her. Think about it!

7. Be Cool About It:

Break up with her as if nothing happened between you two. Please don’t give any reasons for the breakup because this will make the situation awkward; ignore whatever she says.

8. Don’t Make It Misunderstood:

If you have friends who know the girl and she also has friends, don’t tell them anything about your breakup because it will make the situation awkward for her. Keep in mind that if you break up with someone, they may want to talk to their friends about the whole story, so be careful about that.

9. Don’t Break Her Heart:

Whatever you don’t go and talk to her again after a short period will make the situation even worse. And another thing, never tell her that she is your first love or something like that because if you do this, she probably won’t let you go.

10. Don’t Be Afraid:

She may cry, she may shout, and probably won’t talk to you for some time but don’t be afraid of this because a breakup is hard on her as well. And the most important thing does not to feel guilty about it!

11. Don’t Say You Will Stay Friends:

This is the biggest mistake you can make! Don’t say anything about staying friends after a breakup because this is not true and will never happen. It would help if you had some time to forget everything that happened between you two. And never call her to explain anything again because this will make things even worse.

How Do You Break Up With A Girl You Still Love?

It’s a pretty painful question. It can easily ruin your life if you don’t handle it right. But imagine breaking up with her when she doesn’t know what the word “breakup” means. You have to tell her how things are going to be from now on. You have to make sure she doesn’t get clingy, cry and make a scene. It’s not easy, but it can be done. Here are some tips on how to break up with your LDR (Long Distance Relationship).

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#1 – Keep the girl at a distance right from the start. But then you should also build up intimacy. This is called oscillation.

Very important: You must build up intimacy in a way that she can only contact you when it’s convenient for her. This means that you don’t have to wait for her reply and move on with your life. It’s no good to build up intimacy if you are getting clingy, waiting for her reply and checking your phone every minute for fear of her not replying.

Break Up With A Girl You Still Love
Break Up With A Girl You Still Love

#2 – Keep her from getting clingy and breaking down.

The way to do this is by making sure that she knows the relationship is coming to an end before it happens. You have to gradually let her know that there is no future for you two together but still keep hanging out with her. If you can do this, she won’t get too attached to you and won’t make that big ugly scene after the breakup. And if she stalks you or something…well, she’ll be a pain in the ass, but not much more than usual.

#3 – Don’t explain how things are going to be from now on. Instead, start acting as if you no longer want her back in your life.

That’s right, she must feel like she’s lost you already and that it’s over between the two of you. This is what “breaking up” means. But before you start acting strange and without her noticing it, you must first make sure that she doesn’t cry or be clingy. If she does any of these things, then abort the mission.

#4 – If you cannot maintain the LDR anymore, tell her that it’s over.

Don’t be afraid of hurting her feelings or revenge from all the videos/pictures/voice messages she sent you in exchange for your reply. If this happened, it’s time to face reality and stop building up intimacy with her. That’s right, and you must break up with her as if she were a normal girl who loves you and wants to be in your life. This means that when you tell her that it’s over, do so decisively. There should be no emotion in your voice whatsoever and no reason why the relationship is ending.

Just Let Her Go
Just Let Her Go

#5 – If she cries, then don’t reply anymore. Even if she tries desperately to contact you over and over again. Remember that you are no longer in the LDR with her. You’re just like normal lovers/friends who exchange messages from time to time. So, if she emails you asking for a reply, then it’s better to ignore her than send a reply.

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How Do You Convince A Girl To Break Up With You?

You probably think that it’s impossible. You have put in an awful lot of time and effort, and probably money too, to build a relationship with the girl of your dreams. Why would she need to break up with you? Well, there are many reasons why ending things may be in both your best interests; here, we will discuss 4 common reasons that may compel a girl to break up with you.

1. She Doesn’t Love You Back

Maybe she’s not as into you as you are into her. This happens when a guy is too afraid to be vulnerable and show his true feelings, only to discover later that the girl shared the same thoughts but was too insecure about bringing them up first. Perhaps your friends had already pointed it out to you on many occasions. You ignored the signs, and so now you are faced with a breakup situation. Breaking up is much better than suffering through an unrequited relationship; at least she won’t have to suffer either if the feelings aren’t reciprocated.

2. She’s Not Interested

Let’s say that the main reason she does not love you back is that she doesn’t feel anything for you, despite your efforts to make her fall in love with you. It’s a waste of time if both of you are around each other for all the wrong reasons.

If it is true that she is not interested in you, and she has made it clear enough for you to understand that she doesn’t care about your feelings, then perhaps the relationship isn’t worth fighting for. Break up with her kindly instead of clinging to a situation where neither one of you are happy.

3. Your Ex-Girlfriend is Back in the Picture

Think about it – every time you see her, your ex-girlfriend was around. You talk about her a lot too, and this results in the other girl getting jealous. This is not a good way to start a new relationship. If, for some reason, you must continue seeing both girls at the same time, let one go so that you can concentrate on the new one.

4. She Is Not Physically Attracted To You

A girl may become bored with your appearance, or she might feel that your physical attributes are not comparable to her own. Whatever the reason, if a girl doesn’t find you attractive anymore, she will want to break up with you.

The Bottom Line

It’s never easy to break up with a girl. Whether you’re doing it for the first time or the tenth, certain things can make breaking up easier and help both parties move forward into healthier relationships. For one, use these tips from our friends at Howcast on how to break up in person, so you don’t have any regrets later about not being able to do this face-to-face. You can comment below for more advice

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