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How To Know If Your Boyfriend Still Has Feelings For His Ex

What if you are wondering how to know if your boyfriend still has feelings for his ex? There is a way to know if your boyfriend still has feelings for you even though you are separated by checking out his emotions. Check out his behavior and his reactions to certain events.

Is he always frowning at you when you do something that makes him irritated? Or is he always exuding an air of happiness whenever you are around? Sometimes, these are his mannerisms and habits that we unconsciously adopt. The way he behaves when he is around you indicates what kind of person he is.

If his behavior does not indicate any positive emotions towards you, then there could be a serious problem on your hands. If you want to know if your boyfriend still has feelings for you, consider whether the level of intimacy between the two of you is getting lower.

When intimacy decreases, there could be an awakening in his conscience that he may be cheating on you. This is one of the most effective ways to know if your boyfriend still has feelings for you.

8 Signs He Still Loves His Ex & Is Only Using You As A Diversion

Every Little Thing Reminds Him Of His Ex.

Every little detail reminds him of his former girlfriend. Imagine this: you’re sitting around having drinks with your friends, and he asks you how you’re doing. After dinner, you order the same thing (dinner was supposed to be your evening away from your boyfriend, but now it’s just too convenient). And as the dessert is being served, he remarks that his former girlfriend always ordered the same thing.

You let this slide by, but the memories keep getting deeper – until the night winds down. And you understand why he loves to think of you as his Ex. He wasn’t just using you as a distraction. And he was using you as his way back to the woman he loved.

He Talks About Her When You’re In Bed.

If your man is always talking about his ex, is that something you want to hear? It’s no secret that men often use their exes as a way to flirt and re-connect with the women in their lives, especially if they’ve lost touch with the woman they used to love

He Tells Her Things Before He Tells You.

He tells her things before he even thinks about telling you. He likes to tell her how much he loves her and wants to marry her but often leaves you out of the conversation. The truth is that she has fallen in love with him because of those conversations. And now, all she can think about is being with him.

He Tells You

You are left wondering why this person who once said they loved you suddenly doesn’t care for you anymore. He says, “I just don’t know what I want”. But then again, he never really told me either!

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He Listens To Songs About Lost Love And Spews Hateful Things About Her.

“He listens to songs about lost love and spews hateful things about her”. “I can’t take it anymore,” she says. It’s time for me to let him go. I’m not the one he needs. She starts checking out guys on Facebook, but they all seem too nice or too mean so far. This is a story of how my friend found herself in an unhealthy relationship with a man who loved music more than anything else because he was never willing to change his ways after their breakup

He Stalks Her Obsessively On Social Media.

He stalked her obsessively on social media. Every time she posts something on Facebook or Twitter, he is on her timeline. He has turned into a cyberstalker because he still loves his ex and uses you as a diversion.

He’s not leaving you alone now that you’ve broken up with him. He stalks you on social media because he doesn’t want you to get back with him and is using social media to keep you distracted, so he doesn’t get caught in the act.

He Still Has Photos Of All His Other Ex-girlfriends — Except Her.

You might be wondering how he can still have photos of his ex-girlfriend even though she’s been out of his life. Well, the truth is that your ex has probably not used her cell phone for a while now because she’s busy taking care of her other half.

Your ex might still have pictures of you on the phone, though, because she still has some photos on there, and she’s probably hoping that you’re still thinking about her too. Even if you’re not, you’ll probably still have some photos on there of your ex-girlfriends because they’re one of the best ways to keep reminded of the memories you had with each other.

He still has pictures of all of his ex-girlfriends, so if he still has pictures of you on the phone, he’s not just using you as a diversion anymore.

He Behaves Weirdly When Talking To Her.

Some men are unable to make up their minds and behave strangely when speaking to their ladies. When this happens, you would be wondering what the problem is and how can you get your man back.

Well, the reason why your man behaves weirdly when talking to you could be due to some of these reasons:

  • He is Still Loves His Ex & Is Only Using You As A Diversion
  • He Wants to Know Why Your Ex
  • Left You – He May Be Hooked on Drugs Or Alcohol
  • He Just Wants a Tryout in a New Team
  • Or He May Be Flirting With a Different Girl
  • He Has this About You That He Wants To Disown

However, if you truly want to get him back, you need to understand that he behaves weirdly when talking to you because he still loves you and doesn’t want you to leave.

He Cries And Tells You About His Feelings For Her When He’s Drunk.

When your ex-boyfriend comes back to you crying after he has separated from you, it can be the most hurtful thing. Many women don’t realize that men cry and are just using you as a distraction when they are angry.

Men still love their exes and will do anything for their kids, but they don’t want to cause a major fuss and cause their exes to be upset. When he is angry, he will cry and sometimes tell you about his deep feelings, especially when he is drunk.

How Do You Know If He Still Loves His Ex?

There are some ways to tell if a man is still in love with an ex-girlfriend. One of the best ways is by simply asking him. If he’s still in touch with his ex, then he has feelings for her. And If he hasn’t spoken to her, then there’s no way for you to know whether or not he loves her – at least based on what he says.

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If you have recently broken up with your boyfriend and you’re wondering if is he still in love with you, then this article was written for you.

He Still Loves His Ex

Specifically, we’re going to talk about why men can get caught up in the breakup, and what to look out for when trying to figure out if he’s still in love. And how you can know for sure whether or not he’s in love with you. Keep reading for some tips on how to tell if he’s still in love with you.

Does My Boyfriend Still Think About His Ex?

Does my boyfriend still think about his ex? Every time he looks in the mirror, he imagines walking through the doors and into the arms of another woman. I don’t mean to mock his ego, but his relationship with you has gone sour. You two were inseparable when you were dating, and now he seems to be falling out of love with you.

What Do You Need To Do To Get Him Back In Your Arms Again?

The first thing you have to do is make sure that your boyfriend is honest with you. If he isn’t completely honest with you, that means he’s avoiding you, and he doesn’t want to get back together. If this happens, the best thing to do is to make a move to get him back together with you.

Before you initiate contact with your boyfriend, make sure to do some background research on your former partner. Read up on what went on between you and see what your relationship was like before you broke up.

By doing this, you’ll be able to see what your ex thought about you before you two ever met. Hopefully, this will help you figure out what things went right and what went wrong to make sure that you and your ex can be back together.

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When Does Your Boyfriend Still Talk To His Ex?

If you are asking yourself, “Why does my boyfriend still talk to his ex?” then it is probably because you still love him and want to get back together with him. You feel that the breakup was a mutual decision, and you do not blame your boyfriend for making the decision.

It would be a good idea for both of you to sit down and talk about the breakup and what you both can do to fix it. You have to make sure that he understands your position on things and why you still love him. It is better if he comes to you and admits his mistakes so that you can talk about them and find out how to fix them.

When your boyfriend still talks to his ex, he wants to spend time with you and hopes you still love him as much as he does. If this is the case, you need to talk to him and try to work things out between you. This will save you from all the heartache and frustration in the end.

When A Guy Talks About His Ex To You

If you’re asking yourself, “How do I tell if my guy is still having feelings for me?” Then it’s very simple to answer that question by listing a few of the possible signs that your man may still be talking to his ex-girlfriend. Although these signs aren’t conclusive, they are a good place to start.

For instance, when a guy talks about his ex to you and he mentions that he’s thinking of you in any romantic way, that’s a pretty good sign that he still has feelings for you, even though he’s just talking to you. You need to ask yourself what else has changed in your relationship since he first mentioned the idea of a new relationship to you.

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Another good sign that your man is still trying to win you over is when he mentions old memories he wants to share with you. Perhaps he wants to revisit those old, funny stories from his high school days, or maybe he misses catching you laughing at one of his jokes. These things are pretty easy to answer, given that he was probably sharing them with you to bring you back into his life or possibly keep you out of another woman’s life.

In short, if your man is still talking to you about his ex, he could be talking about things like how good he and his ex used to be, or maybe he misses spending time with her, but mostly about his old memories.

When A Guy Tells You About His Ex-girlfriend

One of the most painful things a man can go through in his life is when a guy tells you about his ex-girlfriend. It is agonizing and disappointing, and when a guy tells you about his ex, it is because he cares and wants to be with her again, and he wants to know what you are doing.

There are times when a guy will call you crying in his arms after he broke up with his ex. There are other times when he will be nonchalantly mentioning how great she looked in that dress he bought her. And all of this will come as a shock to you.

When A Guy Tells You About His Ex-Girlfriend

This is one of the most difficult questions to answer when a guy tells you about his ex-girlfriend. He may have been trying to make fun of you because you were so transparent and honest with him, or he was simply sarcastic. In all seriousness, though, if you find out that the joke your ex was making had nothing to do with you but with the fact that you were always there to pick him up and bring him home, then it is a slap in the face to him. This is a hard one.

How Do I Get My Boyfriend To Fall In Love With Me Again But Still Love His Ex?

This is the question that half of us ladies face when we are caught up in a relationship that seems to be over. Most women have been through the heartache of a failed relationship, and some still find themselves in the same boat today. The good news is that there is a secret that almost every woman has already discovered. And you can use it to get your man to fall back in love with you.

Men fall in love with girls who are happy, fun, and fulfilled. It doesn’t take much to convince a man that he still has to live up to your high standards if you keep that attitude up and you are constantly happy and funny.


The best way to know if your boyfriend still has feelings for his ex is by watching him. If he’s constantly checking up on her social media or talking about their relationship, then it might be a sign that she’s still in the back of his mind, and he may not fully be committed to you. The improvement over time.

If your boyfriend still has feelings for his ex, then you are not the only one. It is a natural part of life to be attracted to people outside of the relationship. And doesn’t automatically mean that he does or will cheat on you with them.

However, there could also underlying issue if these thoughts come up more frequently than they should, which may need addressing in therapy sessions together as a couple. Either way, make sure you talk about this, so both parties feel comfortable and heard – no matter what conclusion they come to! We hope our blog post helped clear things up for some readers today – let us know how we can help out next time!

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