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Boyfriend Broke Up with Me Because He is Depressed

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Boyfriend Broke Up with Me Because He is Depressed. It is important to know that a breakup can be caused by depression and not just because the other person doesn’t want you anymore. Depression is a serious mental illness that affects millions of people every year, and it can cause someone to lose interest in things they used to enjoy.

Boyfriend Broke Up with Me Because He is Depressed
Boyfriend Broke Up with Me Because He is Depressed

If your significant other has been struggling with their mental health for a while now, it could have contributed to their decision to end the relationship. This post discusses what you should do if your boyfriend or girlfriend leaves you because they are depressed.

Depression can cause people to isolate themselves from the world, lose interest in activities they used to enjoy, and even feel that life is no longer worth living

My boyfriend broke up with me because of depression

My boyfriend broke up with me because of depression, and it was devastating to experience. I had tried becoming more involved in his life, but he closed himself off from everyone. He started getting angry all of the time, and he would feel guilty about spending time with me or doing things that made him happy. 

How Can Depression Affect a Relationship?

If you are dating someone who is depressed, living with them can be stressful. Depression can cause your significant other to feel unmotivated about life and see no point in doing anything. If you are on the same page as your boyfriend or girlfriend regarding plans, depression might make it difficult for both of you to move forward together.

Depression can also lead someone to feel lethargic, and your significant other might not have the energy to connect with you in a meaningful way.  When coupled with anger issues that are common in people dealing with depression, your relationship could suffer.

Depression can make it difficult for someone to keep up appearances in public. If you love attending events together or meeting up with friends and family, your significant other might start cancelling plans and pulling away.

What Should You Do If Your Boyfriend Broke Up Because He is Depressed?

So, what do you do if your boyfriend broke up with you because he is depressed? While there isn’t much that anyone can do to take the depression away, you can make things easier on your significant other. Be patient and understanding, especially if your boyfriend or girlfriend starts feeling better about life after a while.

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It might help if you can learn how to spot the signs that someone is depressed. If your loved one has been struggling with it for a few weeks now, they could start having trouble enjoying their favourite activities.  If you have close friends or family members dealing with depression, you should be able to recognize the symptoms.

Support your boyfriend or girlfriend by doing things they enjoy and checking in on them every day. Ensure that they aren’t isolating themselves from everyone around them, especially if their symptoms are severe. If you are afraid that your loved ones will hurt themselves, you should talk to them about it and ask if they would like help. Depression can be a serious illness, but with the right help, your boyfriend or girlfriend could start feeling better.

I don’t want to break up with my depressed ex

I don’t want to break up with my depressed ex-boyfriend because I love him a lot, causing me to suffer severely.

Should I leave him?

No. You can talk your heart out about your feelings, and he will understand you, but you have to avoid saying the word “leave” for now. I know this is hard, and it seems like your only option, especially if you are feeling hurt or upset by his actions, but think of all the good times you two had together. Remember that this person is your friend with benefits right now.

Don’t break up with your ex-boyfriend because you think it is best for both of you. Break up with an expectation that they will be sad about it too, but also expect that there will be moments of happiness for them through all the sadness and pain. Your ex deserves to feel happy again without any pressure to make you or anyone else happy.

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Will my ex come back when he’s no longer depressed?

There is no right answer to this question. You cannot just sit by their side and wait for them to come back to you when they are no longer depressed. If you have learned anything from the previous sections, it’s that your boyfriend or girlfriend has gone through a significant transformation, both physically and emotionally.

My Ex Come Back When He's No Longer Depressed
My Ex Come Back When He’s No Longer Depressed

I know this might not be what you want to hear, but your ex-boyfriend’s depression is going to last for a long time. He might not come back and tell you that he still loves you even if his depressive phase passes in the next few months or years. Your ex might never be the same ever again.

If your ex-boyfriend does come back, you mustn’t suddenly feel like he is just using you for sex. If this happens, you can explain the situation to him and let him know that you are hurt by the way he’s been acting.

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Did my boyfriend use depression as an excuse to break up with me?

Contrary to what most people might think, depression can be used as an excuse. Your boyfriend might have been having issues with his emotions and was looking for a reason to break up with you. When you started getting close, he feared that things would get complicated between the two of you.

Your boyfriend could have just been frustrated that he had to deal with someone forcing him to face his emotions.

It doesn’t seem like there is any point in breaking up with my ex-boyfriend anymore. We lived together for a few months, but we broke up two months ago because I kept growing closer and closer until the breakup.

He has been depressed for two months without any signs of improvement, and it hurt me so bad to see him suffer like this. I know that it was the wrong time to break up with him, but I didn’t know what else to do.

How can I help my depressed boyfriend?

You should never feel bad for telling your boyfriend that you are there for them. Letting him know that you support every decision he makes will give your ex confidence to move forward and find happiness once again.

A level of honesty is necessary to take the first step towards helping your ex-boyfriend feel better. You do not need to be mean about this process, and you should always diplomatically express your feelings so they can understand that he’s more than just a friend.

Here are some ways you help your depressed boyfriend:

1. Remind him about his goals and dreams

2. Don’t take it personally when he pushes you away or avoids your calls/texts

3. Read self-help books together to understand how to deal with depression and make a list of everything that could help him get out of the slump comfortably.

Don’t make your boyfriend feel like no one is there for them. Remind him that you are always willing to listen to any of his problems. This even applies when he falls into a depression cycle again in the future. Take care of yourself first, though, and don’t allow yourself to get dragged down into another depressive state.

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Can depression make you leave your partner?

It’s important to remember that many things can trigger depression, even sexual abuse. Your ex is depressed doesn’t necessarily mean it was your fault or has something to do with you. You will always be a part of their life, whether they like it or not.

When you are in a relationship with someone, they will inevitably leave an imprint on your life. Even if you leave their lives on good terms and they seem to be doing fine when they’re by themselves, they will eventually think about the past when they are alone once again.

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Is breaking up with my boyfriend for no reason acceptable?

There is no point in breaking up with a boyfriend for nothing. If you have issues that cannot be resolved, they can be worked out through an open and honest conversation without ending the relationship permanently just yet.

There might come a time when your ex-boyfriend will start worrying about their future partners because of the issues you had. This could lead to them having a hard time trusting anyone who comes into their lives in the future, which is why both of you must try to resolve your problems through open communication and mutual understanding.

Can a relationship cause a mental breakdown?

Understandably, you worry about your relationship whenever you see it getting out of hand, but there’s no need to panic or break up with each other when nothing can be done.

Instead, try to sit down and talk things out in a mature manner so you can arrive at a viable solution without creating more unnecessary problems for yourself.

It’s important to keep the lines of communication open so you can talk about your problems instead of constantly ignoring them or letting them pile up. The fact that they seem all too easy to ignore is a sign that you need to sit down and talk things out sooner rather than later to prevent more serious issues from surfacing in the future.


Have you ever been the one to break up with someone because they were depressed? How did it feel to break up with them and what advice would you give people in this situation about how to handle a breakup like that? In today’s post, we talked about why your boyfriend broke up with me because he feels depressed. It can be hard for anyone when their partner or loved one breaks off contact, but if that person has a depression on top of it, things get even more complicated.

Depression is not something you should sweep under the rug; there needs to be an open dialogue between both parties involved for any relationship to work out long term. We want people who find themselves in this position to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel – you can fix your problems and have things go back to normal! Depression can be hard to talk about, but you should not let it hold you back from getting help if necessary.


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