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Do You Believe Breakups Make Bodybuilders? Best 7 Breakup Make Bodybuilders

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Do You Believe Breakups Make Bodybuilders? It’s a sad reality that many people go through breakups. But it might not be all bad! Many bodybuilders credit their muscles to the weight lifting they did to cope with the loss. It can also help you get back on your feet and start living life again. In this blog post, we will talk about why breakups make bodybuilders and how they can help you recover from one.

Breakups Make Bodybuilder
Breakups Make Bodybuilder

How Breakups Can Help Bodybuilders It’s not uncommon for bodybuilders to use their bodies both as a way to cope with and escape from emotional pain. Some people turn to drugs or alcohol when going through heartbreak, obesity, or other stresses in their life. Instead of turning to chemicals for relief, most turn to exercise!

How Physical Exercise Helps Bodybuilders

When you’re going through a breakup, it can leave you feeling as low as you’ve ever felt before. You might even feel like nothing in this world matters anymore.

It isn’t uncommon for people who go through breakups to isolate themselves and turn to food, sex, or drugs to fill the void left by their loss. The pain from heartbreak is almost unbearable, but physical exercise allows you to push through that and start living your life again.

How Physical Exercise Helps You Recover From Heartbreak

Do you know what the worst part of breakups is? That enormous pile of emotions you have to deal with. You feel empty, sad, and angry. You feel that you’re a completely changed person from the one you were when things ended. Your body is going through changes too!

You’re not getting as much exercise, sleeping less than usual, and eating more than normal. These changes make your body feel like you’ve lost control of it. With so many uncontrollable changes in your life, it isn’t difficult to start feeling depressed.

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How Exercise Helps You Cope With Your Breakup

Exercising is a great way to get back control of yourself and your body when going through a breakup. Physical activity gives you the energy boost you need to think about other things in your life.

Another benefit that exercise has on your body is that it gives you more energy. When you lack energy, not only are you depressed, but you also have a harder time being able to control things in your life. You feel like everything is slipping through your fingers, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Exercise gives you back some of the physical strength that was taken away from you. This gives you more confidence and control, thus allowing you to feel happier about yourself.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell where your emotions end and your body begins! When going through a breakup, exercising can help bring some of those emotions that have been buried in you out into the open. Exercising will also make sure you are healthy when you might not be thinking about your health. When going through a breakup, it’s easy to let your eating habits slip or pick up an unhealthy habit like smoking or drugs. Exercise gives you something else to focus on during this awful time of hurt and helps keep you from doing something bad to yourself.

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Breakups Make Bodybuilders Top 7 Ways

Some of the most difficult parts of bodybuilding are maintaining a strict diet and staying motivated. But when you’re in the middle of a breakup, these challenges don’t seem as significant anymore. Here’s a list of 7 breakups that make bodybuilders feel better:

1. End of the Relationship

You’ve finally reached that point where you’re ready to get out of your relationship. After a while of fighting or listening to your partner talks about someone else, you’ve had enough! Even though it may not seem like doing so at the time, it is good for you to make this decision and break up with your partner. 

2. Feeling Like You’re Not Good Enough For Them

You’ve finally realized that your partner doesn’t appreciate the hard work you put into maintaining your body, or maybe you know they don’t feel as strongly about you as much as you do about them. This may be a huge blow to your ego, but it’s a wake-up call.

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3. Relationship Has Reached a New Level of Physical Activity Levels

If you’ve ever been in an intense relationship with someone, you know that it can almost feel like you’re married to them!

You have to meet each other at the door with keys every night before going out, they have to cook you dinner every night, and you have to spend your weekends together. Maybe it’s time for a little space in between this intense relationship you’ve been enduring.

4. Breakup Creates A Need For Fitness Motivation

When going through a tough breakup over someone who doesn’t care how to fit you are or maybe had never respected your dedication to fitness, it may be time for you to find motivation elsewhere. Having a goal to look better than your ex is a good way to get you back in the gym!

5. Breakup Makes You Hungry For Healthy Food

After breaking up with someone, you may find yourself wanting to overeat or even binge on junk food. Now, this may seem like a good idea at the moment, but it’s only going to make you feel worse! It is important to eat healthy food and work out after a breakup.

6. Breakup Brings Attention To Your Physical Weaknesses

When being in a relationship for a long time, we sometimes start taking our partners for granted. It’s easy to notice their strengths, but not their weaknesses. When a breakup happens, these weaknesses can come up very quickly and in the worse times! This is an opportunity for you to use this newfound knowledge in your workouts.

7. Breakup Allows You To Meet New People

Unless you’re hiding under a rack someplace, you know that you stopped seeing other people at some point in your relationship. After all, who the hell is going to put up with your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s crap? Now, after breaking up with them, it’s a good time to get out and socialize!

What should I do?

You may be asking yourself. It’s very important to keep yourself as busy as possible. Physical activity is a great way to distract you from the thoughts that are racing through your head. When going through a breakup, it’s easy for things like rejection and sorrow to take over and make you feel down about yourself.

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It’s hard not to listen to these feelings and be happy. It’s important to find something you can do that you enjoy, whether watching a movie with your friends after school or playing a sport.

Breakup Makes You Stronger

There is no better motivation than seeing yourself improve week by week! Bodybuilding is all about setting goals and achieving them. The more improvement you see in yourself, the better you will feel about yourself. This can be a great confidence booster when going through a breakup!

Take Advantage of Bodybuilding

If nothing else, bodybuilding is a huge stress reliever. If you are like most people, your relationship has been the biggest source of your stress. Now that this is gone, all the other stresses in your life seem to have gotten worse.

Bodybuilding is a great way to relieve all the stress and pressure you feel from life. By going to the gym regularly, you will find peace inside of yourself, which can alleviate some of the stress in your daily life.

This may not sound like a lot, but it adds up over time. When you find yourself this stressed out over life, it’s important to have a healthy way to rid yourself of the pressure. This could be running on the track or going for a long bike ride. But bodybuilding is one of the best ways to relieve some stress when you’re up against too much.


If you’re feeling down after a breakup, it might be time to start lifting weights. A recent study in the Journal of Health Psychology found that women whose partners recently dumped had lower cortisol and higher levels of testosterone than those who weren’t.

Cortisol is often associated with stress, while high testosterone can lead to feelings like aggression or anger and motivation and confidence- all good things when working out at the gym! In addition, increased physical activity helps regulate moods which will help manage your emotions more effectively during this tough time. Exercise has been shown to reduce stress hormones overall, so get moving as soon as possible.

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