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Why Breakups Hurt So Bad Is Your Worst Enemy. 6 Ways To Defeat It

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why breakups hurt so bad? Breakups are never easy, but no one ever said that they should be. The pain and difficulty of a breakup are something that we have to experience to learn the lessons from it.

A breakup can be an opportunity for growth if you embrace it for what it is, rather than trying to avoid all of the messy emotions as much as possible.

However, there are ways to make your next break up easier on yourself by learning from your past mistakes so that you don’t repeat them with someone else.

Breakups Hurt So Bad
Breakups Hurt So Bad

Here are 6 things we learned about why breakups hurt so bad and how you can use those lessons moving forward.

Why Breakups Hurt So Bad Is Your Worst Enemy. 6 Ways To Defeat It

Breakups are hard. This is for many reasons, but the main one is because they hurt our sense of self-worth.

When we break up with someone, it means we don’t want to be with them anymore and therefore devalue ourselves and what that person thought about us.

However, this does not have to be the case! With some habits, you can defeat your worst enemy: yourself!

Here are 6 ways to do just that so you will never have another painful breakup again.

1. Keep Yourself Busy

The best way to defeat your worst enemy is not to let it exist in the first place! When you keep yourself busy, you don’t have time to think about what that person thought of you or how much they hurt you during the breakup. So start doing things – go out with friends, clean your home, work out – whatever keeps you busy.

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When you keep yourself busy, it can also help to make your ex miss you. If you are not getting attention from you or if something that used to be fun is no longer fun because it doesn’t have the two of you doing it together anymore, they will see how much they missed being with you and want to get back together.

2. Get Your Sleep Back

When you don’t get enough sleep, all your hormones are out of whack, and that makes it harder for you to think, process information, and deal with things like breakups. Getting your sleep back may take a little time, but it is very important to get it back because you will function better and be healthier.

3. Get A Hobby You Enjoy

Spending every free moment you have thinking about that breakup makes it worse. If you used to do things before you were in the relationship, then start doing them again. It would be best to find a hobby that you enjoy so it will be something new and fun for you.

4. Make Time For Friends & Family

In my YouTube video, I talk about spending time with friends and family after breakups, which helps your life feel more balanced again.

After a breakup, one of the first things you need to do is spend some time with friends and family so you can start feeling like yourself again.

5. Write In A Journal

Journaling has helped me get through a lot of my breakups, so I’d highly recommend it as a way to keep your mind off the breakup and on life, which will help take your emotions out of it.

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6. Clean Your Space

When you clean your space, you are getting rid of all the bad energy from the breakup so you can have a fresh start and focus on life rather than dwelling on your past.

You should also eliminate any reminders or items that remind you of them after you break up. Don’t let your past keep you from the future you deserve!

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Why does it hurt so much to break up?

Breakups are hard because it is essentially saying that we are not good enough for that person (and as an extension, they don’t think we’re good enough).

Think about if you broke up with someone and how much your opinion of yourself took a nosedive. You can start feeling like nothing you do is right or like you can never find anyone better than that person who broke up with you.

How do you get over it?

You have first to realize that this is not true! That’s why breakups hurt so much! They make us feel like we are not good enough for the other person and their judgment of us MEANS something, even though it shouldn’t.  

What can you do to get over it?

Determine what the real reason is that they broke up with you if you know why you can start figuring out how to solve that problem (if possible) or try to accept why they did and work on improving yourself so that it doesn’t happen again.  

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Suppose you don’t know why you’ll need to think about it and figure out the answer. Once you do, all of those ‘what ifs’ will be gone for good because this isn’t likely to happen again, especially if you fix whatever caused it!

How long until breakups stop hurting?

This is hard to answer because it’s different for everyone. Some people take longer than others to get over a breakup, and some don’t go through any real ‘hurt’ feelings after the breakup because they weren’t as attached. All I can say is give yourself time. You will feel better when you do – no matter what!

Conclusion Paragraph:

Breakups are hard because they essentially say that we are not good enough for the other person. Whether or not this is true, breakups make us feel like nothing we do is right and like we can never find anyone better than who broke up with us, which makes our opinion of ourselves take a nosedive.  

It’s important to remember that breakups don’t last forever, and everything will get better in time. We recommend you start by determining the real reason they broke up with you and work on solving whatever caused it if possible, so it doesn’t happen again!

If you don’t know why then spend some time thinking about the answer until all those ‘what-ifs’ go away for good as long as you fix whatever caused them!

If you have any more questions, please comment.

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