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How Many Breakups Happen A Day?

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There are many different theories about how many breakups happen a day. I would say that it is somewhere between 1 to 2 million. In my opinion, it should be studied more so we can see what happens in society and get a better understanding of other people’s lives. The truth is that very few people understand what it feels like to break up with someone. I know personally that it can be hard, and it affects relationships differently for different people. Some people don’t even realize when the relationship is over.

How Many Breakups Happen A Day
How Many Breakups Happen A Day

Those are the ones that get blindsided at the end of it all. I have been in both situations, and both were equally challenging, but one was harder than the other to me, which was getting “dumped” because I knew it was coming for a while, and I wasn’t as blindsided by it.

How Many Breakups Happen A Day?

Breakups are a sad but inevitable part of life. Nobody likes them, but they happen to everyone at some point. How many breakups happen in just one Day? It’s hard to say with any accuracy. You could be heartbroken and then find out that your friends have been through three relationships since you last spoke! There are so many factors that determine the number of breakups happening each Day, including location, age group, relationship status, and gender identity.

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How Many Breakup happen A Day
How Many Breakup happen A Day

But what we do know is this: there are more breakup stories than success stories on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. We all love to make light of our misery by following along with other people’s break-up woes online. But it turns out there’s a pretty interesting reason why so many people talk about breakups online. We will assume that everyone on this planet goes through at least two breakups in their lifetime. This number is probably quite low if you look at all the people in the world, but we’ll go with it for this calculation.

We also know that there are about 3.5 billion Facebook active users each month; over 1 billion of which access Facebook daily. At two major breakups per person’s lifetime, that would amount to 5 billion breakups that happen every month. And with 1 billion users logging in every Day, there are 3 billion profile or status updates containing the word “breakup” each month. It is important to remember that not everyone on Facebook uses Twitter and vice versa, so these numbers aren’t entirely accurate as a whole. But it does mean that someone is going through a breakup every minute of the Day.

What Day Has The Most Breakups?


As for which Day of the week has the most breakups, it’s hard to say. When you consider that there are 7 billion people globally and only 5 billion Facebook users, a higher percentage of people likely go through breakups on the weekends. This is because there are more users online on the weekends, and breakups happen more often at these times.

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How Many Breakups Happen On Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is when some people celebrate their love, and others are having it tested. Yet again, there aren’t any accurate statistics that we can find for this one. But it would be safe to say that your Facebook feed or news channels will be flooded with lots of breakup statuses on 14 February.

How many breakups happen on Valentine's Day
How many breakups happen on Valentine’s Day

People like to make light of their misery by following along with other people’s break-up woes online, especially on Valentine’s Day weekend. But there is a pretty interesting reason why so many people are talking about breakups online. 7.2% of Facebook users say they’re in a relationship on Facebook. And of those who are single, most people say they’re “single” and do not use the word “divorced” or “breakup”.

How Do You Stop A Breakup With Kindness?

When trying to save a relationship, you might find yourself having to try harder and put yourself out there more than usual. Some people mistake being too pushy with their partner to avoid losing them, but that usually has the opposite effect.

How Many Breakup happen A Day
How Many Breakup happen A Day

What Percentage Of Couples Break Up?

This is another question that we can’t answer with 100% accuracy. As everyone’s relationship is different, there may be many reasons why breakups happen, including cheating, money problems, and even being bored in the relationship. But according to US federal government statistics, it would appear that 60% of first marriages will end in divorce. And that’s just marriages.

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The Last Word

According to a study published in the journal Science Direct, it is estimated that there are about 100 million breakups per year. That’s over 300 thousand breakups Every Day! Why not take care of your mental health and join one of our online breakup groups? There’s no better way to get through a breakup than with your friends at Breakup Nation helping you out along the way.

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