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Why Breakups Hit Guys Later? [5 Surprising Reasons]

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Why Breakups Hit Guys Later? There are many factors when it comes to breakups that can impact how/when guys deal with them. For example, suppose you have a history of trouble handling breakups and using unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as emotional eating, feeling self-pity, or going out partying. In that case, those habits might be exacerbated after a breakup. This can lead to more weight gain, alcohol abuse, and feelings of depression. You may have heard that women tend to take the brunt of emotional pain following a breakup. However, it turns out that guys are more affected by the end of a relationship than you might think.

Why Breakups Hit Guys Later?

Researchers from Pennsylvania State University found that men’s cognitive performance is hindered for up to six months after ending a long-term relationship. The study participants were all male university students in committed relationships with their partners for at least one year. The researchers found that the longer and more intense the relationship was, the greater effect breaking up had on men’s cognition.

Why Breakups Hit Guys Later
Why Breakups Hit Guys Later?

For example, those in relationships for three years or more experienced an average decline in verbal fluency and spatial ability test scores during this time period. Additionally, participants who were already depressed before the breakup experienced a greater cognitive decline than those who weren’t. However, in all cases, men’s cognitive abilities began to improve again after six months.

Additionally, researchers from the University of Kentucky found that women tend to grieve more for the death of a loved one than for a breakup. Their study investigating grief in men and women discovered that men expressed grief more openly than women, but when they did so, the intensity was as great or greater than that reported by women. They also found that subjects experienced feelings of anger, disbelief, depression, and despair for both genders.

Why Breakups Hit Guys Later? 5 Surprising Reasons

Breakups are hard on everyone, but they can be especially tough for men. Men often have a harder time getting over breakups than women do. Here are five reasons why guys may feel worse after a breakup: 

1. Guys Are Afraid Of Rejection.

Most guys don’t talk about their feelings, so when a relationship ends badly, and they begin to feel the depression hitting them, it becomes easier to stay quiet than deal with the problem. They also fear that talking would lead to more rejection from their exes.

When a breakup goes badly, it can be tough not to blame yourself. After all, if you’d just done things differently or made more of an effort, maybe the relationship would have worked out. Guys may then go into a sort of self-flagellation mode and feel that talking about their feelings is useless because they could have prevented the breakup.

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2. Men Tend To Get More Attached During The Early Stages Of Relationships.

According to a recent study, guys tend to get more attached during the early stages of relationships, particularly on an emotional level. This makes sense from an evolutionary perspective because men want to be sure they’re getting with someone who will stick around and be a good partner. The downside is that once you find yourself in a committed relationship, you may find it more difficult to get over the emotions of being attached.

3. Breakups Trigger Feelings Of Isolation And Loneliness.

When a relationship ends, it can be difficult to find someone else to replace your ex. So, instead of dating around or working on other relationships, you might retreat and spend time alone or with close friends. That can cause feelings of isolation and loneliness, which in turn make the breakup even more painful.

Breakups Trigger Feelings Of Isolation And Loneliness
Breakups Trigger Feelings Of Isolation And Loneliness.

4. Guys Are More Sensitive To Rejection.

While men might try to keep their feelings inside, that doesn’t mean they don’t feel them. A Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that men were more sensitive to social rejection than women. Additionally, a McGill University study found evidence for greater neural sensitivity in rejected men as well.

5. Guys Like To Take Things More Literally.

Psychologist Guy Winch has suggested that this gender difference can lead guys to overreact after a breakup. Instead of just feeling bad, they feel that if their partner doesn’t want them in their life romantically, then they don’t. They’re so used to taking things literally (that’s how they’re wired) that having their emotions dismissed can be especially hard for them. So, guys do feel bad after a breakup, but many may keep those feelings inside. Once they start getting out and talking to other people, feeling better shouldn’t take long.

Is It True That Guys Move On Quickly After a Breakup? 

The idea that guys move on quickly after a breakup is a myth. Guys are just as likely to be upset by the end of a relationship. But they’re more likely to show their feelings in different ways. Why? There’s no specific answer for why men and women deal with breakups differently, but plenty of theories exist. One of the most common is that because women tend to invest more in relationships (as well as having a greater ability to control emotions), they feel worse when the relationship falls apart. 

Is It True That Guys Move On Quickly After a Breakup 
Do Guys Move On Quickly After a Breakup?

Men have been proven to be less emotional in general, while girls are more sensitive. As you know, guys can’t keep their feelings inside, so if he feels hurt by you, he will let you know. However, that doesn’t mean he is getting over the breakup or upset any quicker.

How Long Does It Take For A Breakup To Sink In For A Guy?

Just like a girl, the length of time it takes for him to get over you depends on several factors. Right off the bat: the more attached he was, the longer it was going to take him to recover. If he wasn’t that into you anyway, then he’ll be able to move on sooner than if he loved you. On top of that, he’ll need to spend some time doing the things that make him happy and hanging out with friends so he can feel better without you in his life.

Once a guy has gotten over his emotions, he will move on quickly after a breakup. He might even forget about you pretty quickly if it was a bad relationship for him, or he was just not as into you as you were into him. If he liked you and wanted to be with you, it’s going to take longer for him to recover. The longer he was in the relationship, the harder of a time he will have to get over it. He’ll need some space from you and time to himself before he can move on. It’s also going to take longer if you’re the one that broke up with him instead of vice versa.

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Do Guys Feel Bad After A Breakup?

Even though guys can’t always show their emotions the same way as girls, that doesn’t mean they don’t feel them. No matter how strong a guy is, he’s still going to be upset by the end of a relationship — it might just take him some time to show it. Like with girls, however, it’s going to sink in after a while that the relationship won’t be getting back together. When he starts getting out of his shell and talking to other people, he’ll start feeling better much quicker than if he stayed home alone for a few days.

Research has shown no difference in the way guys feel after a breakup compared to girls, but they express it differently. Guys often have difficulty dealing with feelings, so it is easier to distract themselves by working or exercising. For some guys, they can get over their ex in as little as a few days, while others might take weeks or even months. However, the time frame varies from person to person, and several other factors.

The main factor is whether or not the guy was truly in love with his ex-girlfriend. If he wasn’t that attached to her and she was just another casual fling, then getting over her will be a lot easier for him. Guys who were in a long-term relationship of several months or more may still take some time to get over her, though.

Why Do Guys Feel The Breakup Later?

According to researchers, it’s because they handle emotions differently than girls. Guys tend to deal with the end of a relationship by focusing on something else, like making plans for the future or doing things with their friends. They also avoid talking about their feelings by keeping busy to distract themselves from their emotions.

Rather than dwelling on the breakup, a guy might go out with friends and have fun to distract himself. In this case, he’s also trying to build up his confidence by surrounding himself with people that make him feel better about the world. This is just one way in which guys deal with breakups differently than girls do.

Why Do Guys Feel The Breakup Later
Why Do Guys Feel The Breakup Later?

Why Does It Take Guys Longer To Get Over A Breakup?

While it may seem like guys are cold and heartless, the fact is that most of them aren’t able to handle their emotions as well as girls can. That’s not to say they don’t feel anything; they choose not to talk about it because that isn’t what they’d normally do.

Other reasons why it takes guys longer than girls to get over a breakup are because they have less patience and lack the communication skills that women have. Women tend to be better at talking through their emotions with their friends, family members, or even strangers if they need someone to talk to. Guys might also have more trouble dealing with the break up due to external pressures, like other people at school, work, or even their friends trying to get them out there and back on the market.

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Why Do Breakups Hit Guys Later Than Women?

Because guys tend to hide their feelings, so they don’t have to face them, it’s easy for people around them to think that he doesn’t have any. Women often take longer than their boyfriends or husbands do to get over a breakup because they like talking about how they feel and can focus on one thing at a time. They also have a better ability to express their emotions, which helps them get over the loss of a relationship faster.

While women can handle breakups by talking about it with friends and family members they trust, guys need to figure out how to deal with it independently. It may take a few days for him to have meaningful conversations, so give him time to adjust to life after the breakup.

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How Do Men Deal With A Breakup?

Men may need to deal with the breakup on their own and find a way to occupy their mind until he figures out how he’s going to move forward. It can be hard for him to listen to what friends and family have to say, so they should give him some space if he needs it.

If you’re wondering how men feel when they get dumped, the truth is that most of them don’t take it well at all. Just because he’s not crying doesn’t mean he isn’t upset. He may need some time to sort out his feelings on his own so he can start to heal from the breakup.

How Does A Man Get Over His Ex?

If you’re wondering how to get over an ex-boyfriend, it can help if you know what he’s going through. The truth is that guys are a little more complicated than girls when getting over the breakup. They may need some time alone and some space from the person with them before the relationship ended. If your boyfriend suddenly stops talking to you about the breakup and starts acting like things are normal when they’re not, that’s a pretty good sign that he might need some time alone. Don’t push him to open up to you when you talk about the relationship and how much he misses his ex.

Instead of asking him questions about why he’s upset or what he’s feeling, show him that you care and just let him know you’re there for him if and when he wants to talk. Allowing your man to have time alone after the breakup is essential to his recovery.


A recent study has found that men feel and react to breakups at a later point in time than women. The researchers have attributed this difference to the way each gender thinks about relationships. Women tend to be more emotional. They worry about how their partner will cope with the breakup and are often focused on what happened during the relationship as opposed to just focusing on themselves.

Men seem less likely to dwell on those thoughts or feelings from before the event of a breakup; instead, they focus more on getting back out there and meeting new people after being dumped by an ex-partner who may not even care anymore. Because she’s already moved on to someone else! Now let me know if you have any questions or advice in the comment section below

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