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Top 7 Keys To Understanding How Men Deal with Breakups

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How men deal with breakups depends on several factors. For example, the amount of time and effort you spent building the relationship will impact how a man deals with it.

Suppose your guy had invested more effort into the relationship than you did. In that case, he will be more likely to get upset about it ending since he probably felt that his efforts deserved something in return (i.e., commitment from you).

It’s not an easy topic for many people to discuss-but the reality is that breakups happen. People become attracted to others, realize they are incompatible or feel like they’re not getting what they want out of the relationship, and end the partnership.

Men Deal With Breakups
Men Deal With Breakups

Breakups bring up many emotions-anger, disappointment, sadness, and guilt-which can leave you feeling confused and lost about how you should be moving forward, even more so if you are dealing with a breakup for the first time.

Unfortunately, there is no one right way to cope with a breakup which makes it hard to know what to do next, but there are some ways men can deal with breakups that may be useful:

Top 7 Keys To Understanding How Men Deal with Breakups

Breakups happen. It’s not an easy topic to talk about, but the reality is that they’re part of life. There are many emotions connected to breakups, anger, sadness, guilt- which can leave you feeling confused and lost as to what you should do next.

There are 7 ways that men deal with breakups:

1. Men Often Feel Guilty for Breaking Up A Relationship

Men often feel guilty for breaking up the relationship and want to make amends. This guilt is combined with the feeling of remorse- especially if they were the ones who initiated the breakup.

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Guilt also stems from the fear that they may lose contact with their partner’s friends, family, or children, who may be left hurt by it too.

2. Men Are Likely To Feel Emotionally Unstable

The emotional instability following a breakup is due to an out-of-balance hormone called cortisol in men. This out-of-balance hormone makes them much more susceptible to depression and anxiety after a breakup, ramping up their feelings of emotional instability even more.

3. They Might Become Cloudy and Moody

Men may feel a sense of emptiness after the breakup, which can last for months or years. This is because they miss the feeling of belonging that comes with being in a relationship. Even if a male doesn’t have children, he still feels this emotional loss when a relationship ends.

This can sometimes even lead to depression-constantly being abandoned by a partner may leave them feeling hopeless, helpless, and worthless in the relationship.

4. They Need To Be Alone

Men often have difficulty dealing with breakups because they feel lonely. Instead of turning to their friends or family members for support, men will turn inwardly. This loneliness is especially difficult when a male has children or is also dealing with losing a parent.

5. Men May Find It Difficult To Get Back Into The Dating Scene

After being hurt in a breakup, a man may feel that any future relationships could be doomed to fail. This fear can cause them to choose not to pursue another relationship for fear of getting hurt again.

During this time, they may feel that it would be better to remain single than risk being hurt by some other romantic partner in the future.

6. They Can Become Easy Targets For Other Women

For most women, however, men are seen as an available target for those looking to take advantage of them, particularly if they are already in a relationship.

This is because they are not emotionally stable and vulnerable after their breakup, which opens them up to being seduced by another woman.

7. Men Are Likely To Be More Interested In Hooking Up Than Getting Back Into A Relationship

The best way for men to deal with a breakup is to take it one step at a time. They need to work through the feelings of guilt-especially if they were the ones who ended their relationship.

It will also help them if they confide in someone close or get professional counseling from a therapist who can help them deal with their feelings of loneliness as well

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Men are usually very confused when their girlfriend or wife has left them. They can be so confused that they don’t even know why the relationship has ended.

This is because men will try to figure everything out on their own instead of opening up and talking about it with someone else. Men may also feel guilty for what happened, especially if they were the ones who broke up with their girlfriend or wife.

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What do guys go through after a breakup?

A man may feel like he will never find a woman to love him in the same way as his ex-girlfriend did. This fear of being abandoned is even more intense when a man has children with his former partner who is left feeling scared for their future without their mother or father.

Many men find themselves trying to avoid new relationships for fear of getting hurt again in the future and not being able to take it. They may turn to their friends, family members, and even their children instead-instead of starting a new relationship with someone else.

guys go through after a breakup
guys go through after a breakup

Women might try to seduce men right after they breakup instead of leaving them alone.

Since men are so emotionally vulnerable after a breakup, they can become easy targets for other women looking to lure them into a sexual relationship. Even though these women may not be interested in forming a long-term relationship with the male, it is still hard for him to resist their temptation and advances.

Men that pursue casual relationships may not be ready for a relationship, but that doesn’t mean their feelings of loneliness don’t need to be dealt with.

Men will often try and hook up to feel better right after the breakup has taken place.

How do male dumpers deal with breakups?

Men do not deal with breakups in the same way as women, and instead of feeling depressed, they may feel angry. They are more likely to be aggressive when dealing with their emotions and even start insult their ex-girlfriends rather than being sad or guilt ridden for what has taken place.

While men don’t often like talking about their feelings, they do need to find ways of dealing with the loneliness that may come from their breakup.

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Men in committed relationships but are afraid of commitment can easily lose interest and be overwhelmed by the situation.

Who hurts more after a breakup?

Frequently women will find that they are the ones who hurt more when their relationships end. A woman may feel as though her man has not fully given his love to her, and so she will be left with feelings of rejection, sadness, and further insecurity about herself.

hurts more after a breakup
hurts more after a breakup

A woman needs to get support from other people after a breakup. It is not easy for her to move on when she feels so alone and hurt, and this can often lead to feelings of depression or anxiety if she doesn’t get support from someone else.

It can also be useful for women if they find ways of releasing their emotions through exercise, drawing, writing in a journal, or even running. They can also take care of themselves by eating healthy and sleeping well, which will help them to get over their breakup and feel better about themselves in the future.

How long does it take for guys to regret breaking up?

Men may not feel like their ex-girlfriends have let them down until a few weeks after the breakup has taken place. Usually, men find it hard to trust their partners, and as a result, they are quick to dump her if they feel that she is hiding something from him or if he feels there are too many secrets in their relationship.

The Bottom Line

When a man breaks up with his girlfriend or wife, he may feel like she will never be able to replace her. He may try and avoid new relationships altogether for fear of getting hurt again in the future. Women might try to seduce men right after they break up instead of leaving them alone. 

Men who pursue casual relationships may not be ready for a relationship, but that doesn’t mean their feelings of loneliness don’t need to be dealt with. It can also take male dumpers up to weeks before regretting breaking up with their partner. In contrast, women are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety if they do not support other people (friends/family). 

So, it’s important for everyone involved in a breakup to get support from another person and try to avoid making rash decisions in the future.

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